Saturday, January 24, 2004


picked up in Rough Trade today, a dinked 7" of The Bug vs Grafiti on 'What Is The Problem'... which was one of the most entertaining (if overexposed) 'thug house' tunes of last year, for my money trumping Audio Bullies no trouble.. as far as I can tell, the remix first appeared on a Grafiti 12", but this is purely a Bug mash up, Ras Bogle chanting fine style over the mess Kevin Martin has made of the original and an equally fucked up dirty version on the flip.

serendipity is a wonderful thing.. also, i should probably thank Matt Woebot for drawing my attention to a Sun Ra track called Sleeping Beauty, which is a gorgeous lovely thing and a hell of a lot more accessible than most Sun Ra i've heard (see 'Jazz' comments below)... in fact, there's all sorts of excellent stuff to listen to from the woebot archives, especially an impressively funky and frankly filthy Where They At by DJ Jimi..

posted by dubversion at 8:14 pm

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