Monday, January 26, 2004


or more precisely, moving lots of shite old indie records (The Popguns, anyone?) into storage boxes to leave more room for all that desperately cool stuff i'm constantly buying. Grime, garage, 8-Bar.. Yep, who needs Fatima Mansions when you've got crunk?

anyway, all this is but a preamble to this:

Pay It All Back Volume 1. i came very close to paying £15 for an original of this last month. Good job I didn't, since then I'd have two copies.. dreadful business. All it takes is a thin indistinct album spine, and a fast fading memory and you start doubling up...

Great fucking album, mind.. although it's amazing how rarely I listen to most of my (fairly comprehensive) On-U Sound collection these days. White boy reggae? Dub for crusties? fuck knows..

At the time records like My Life In A Hole In The Ground, Pounding System (ahem), Tackhead Tape Time completely moved my musical goalposts. I'd never heard the like, and the groaning shelves of dub, roots and dancehall I can see from here owe everything to Sherwood (remind me to tell you how like a small frightened child I was when I met the man himself... ). But so much of it is so, I dunno, 'crunchy' and I just don't feel the need any more.. a lot of African Headcharge and Dub Syndicate still makes the grade, but I was buying Audio Active records for fuck's sake.

Be warned - a State Of The Iration address is imminent by the way. So listen up you UK roots museum curators, Pounding System is BORED!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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