Monday, January 19, 2004

Jazz - Delicious Hot, Disgusting Cold

i can feel jazz creeping up on me the way you feel a bad head cold a day or so before it bites. can't stand the stuff, mostly. music for maths fans and people with Grade 8 Music Theory.

lord knows, i tried. i paid my dues with A Love Supreme and The Birth of The Cool. but it just didn't click.

even when i was listening to a lot of Tortoise and the like - and loving them more than anything for the polyrhythms and the looseness, i still baulked when i thought they were veering too far into jazz. sure, i like some of the easy stuff - Chet Baker, Louis Armstrong. You know, stuff with a tune, something you could hum along too.

... but i think there's some duplicity going on. i mean, take The Necks

that can't be jazz, surely. sounds like Can to me. definitely not jazz. but apparently they are...

and i'm not fooling anybody if i try and claim that the beautiful Cedric Im Brooks album The Light Of Saba isn't jazz, Kingston-style.. i mean, there's solos and shit,,

i'm fighting it off but i've got a bad, bad feeling about where all this is leading...
posted by dubversion at 8:55 pm

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