Friday, January 30, 2004

wanted: Cutty Rank's 'The Stopper' acapella on vinyl, so i can prove that a dancehall/Krautrock mash-up CAN work!!

meanwhile, haven't got round to getting someone to host 'Bela Lugosi's Dread' yet, but if you're interested, it can be found lurking on soulseek (my user name is the same there as here, if that helps...)

not quite sure how the acting Music Editor of the Face heard it (seriously.... ) but he's interested. Just waiting to sort out mixes/vocals from Aphasic (when i get the fucking tracks to him, and if he remembers agreeing to do it) and Dubdadda (Zion Train/Nucleus Roots).

... having also found a fucking dreadful 'dub' version of She's In Parties on the CD of the last Bauhaus album, 'She's In Dancehall' is also definitely a goer. I've heard the Dave Clark/Chicks On Speed version and it's shit, so no competition there then!!

posted by dubversion at 1:27 pm

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