Saturday, February 28, 2004


but not everybody's past involves Bauhaus t-shirts.

ho hum.

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Friday, February 27, 2004


"God is dead, communism is dead and I'm not feeling too well either."

-Scrawled on a desk at SOAS library

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Monday, February 23, 2004

Mourning sickness feeds the feel-good factor

Interesting article in the Guardian today about ostentatious caring/grief tourism...

it fucks up as soon as the Civitas thinktank fella decides to entirely fallaciously conflate overt sentimentality with political commitment (but then AFAIK Civitas are a fairly dodgy rightwing thinktank anyway). but the report's cynicism about a phenomenon, that for my money reached its ugly peak with the Trafalgar Square candlelit vigil for fucking Linda McCartney, makes some reasonable points...

the whole argument was made much more coherently a few years back by Decca Aitkenhead in the Guardian again, who targetted on the same psychosis and pointed out that such crass, empty gestures (right thinking folks queueing up for days to sign Diana's memorial book) is the flipside of the same impulse that sees angry mobs try and drive paediatricians from their homes....

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Friday, February 20, 2004

oh, and my Offline@The Ritzy set was a disaster - the two cheap home Cambridge Audio amps they were using just cut out as soon as anything vaguely resembling a bassline happened. i think i managed four complete (and largely inaudible) tunes in over an hour.

in an attempt at some sort of DJ closure, this is what i WOULD have played:

1) Offline @ The Ritzy Intro (bit of Wasteland mixed with a Cutty Ranks acapella)
2) Rhythm & Sound w/Cornell Campbell - King In My Empire
3) Timeblind - The Rastabomba
4) Boy Robot - Set It For Me
5) Uptight Sound System - Righteous Dub
6) The Rootsman - We Come Rough
7) The Chantells - Waiting In The Park
8) Vybez Kartel - Best Friend*
9) Vybez Kartel - Sweet To The Belly
10) Ward 21 - Shotta To A Shotta
11) Sean Paul & Mr Vegas - Haffi Get Da Gal Yah
12) Tanya Stephens - Big Ninja Bike
13) Ackee - Call Me Rambo

which would have been good, i reckon... ho hum..

* which is clearly the best cut on the Ngozi riddim and anybody called Eden who tells you otherwise is just a pussy...
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fuck, sometime i should just bite the bullet and talk about all the stuff that REALLY bothers me. about how long it's taking for my psychotherapist referral to come through and how my grief about certain things is starting more and more to resemble cheap sentimentality, and how crass that makes me feel. and how this is the tenth anniversary year of losing my father and how sometimes it just makes me want to rip towels up or chew through glass or something.

but i shan't.

i'll talk about how great the new cLOUDDEAD album is.

it's really great.

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i try and knock up a decent flyer for People's Republic Of Disco every month, and I never think to post them here, but i really liked this one...

it's tomorrow if you fancy it
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Saturday, February 14, 2004

Inexplicably Hilarious

this is the cover of the new Liars record:

i dunno why, that just really tickled me.

The back cover is equally daft, the original Neubaten sleeve with all the track titles scratched out and overwritten, and some colouring in.

Single's not bad either, although it's not up to the standard of the first album....

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Record Collectors Are Scared Of Their Own Mortality

Matt Woebot has been grappling with the futility of trying to hear everything ever:

My iTunes library stands at 66.84 GB, that's 24 days, 16 hours and 54 seconds of music which I'm still struggling to digest. I don't seem to have the time to listen to listen to it all despite music's wondrous layering factor. You can listen to it while doing anything..... You see it's imperative to *LISTEN*, not to simply stockpile.

that hits me every now and again. I was always broke when I was younger (probably a good thing, otherwise in my early teens I'd have owned WAY too many prog and metal albums.. and in my late teens, hey, at least Crass records cost no more than 99p.) so when i did my stint in the 'music biz' I hoarded everything, I was just in love with the sheer quantity ("Quantity has a quality all its own" - Stalin)

course, i had a lot of cash then too, so i was buying as much as I was blagging.. it became obscene, to be honest. Especially since in those days I seemed to think that a touch of coprophilia and a serial killer fixation was enough to make even the most mundane outfit from Wisconsin worth being a completist about.

These days, i pretty much just buy reggae and (ahem) 'yardcore' vinyl (and the odd 'hit' for each month's People's Republic Of Disco )and depend on slsk for the rest (as I've said before, search under Dubversion to see how uncool I really am... ). but even so, i've got sixty gig and counting of mp3s and about 20 CDs full of the buggers as well, waiting to be decanted on to a new hard drive.

it's ridiculous, isn't it? i don't seem to 'own' music in the way i used to. giving an album room in my head, learn to really live with it. to that slightly hysterical stage you reach as a young obsessive where discovering a new, fantastic record ("Penis Envy" by Crass, say, or Thin Lizzy's "Jailbreak") meant reordering your DNA somehow, a whole reinvention thing... I'm rarely not listening to music - as Mr Woebot has pointed out, it's the most versatile thing - be it at home (where my PC has naturally taken precedence over all that unwieldy vinyl that i have to reach over for, and even FIND), at work when i get a chance, wherever.... but I can't keep up.

I always suspected as i got older my tastes would slowly settle and grow static, that I'd realise that Van Morrison was as good as it gets. Strangely - and it's a mixed blessing - this is the last thing that seems to be happening. Sure, my tolerance of all that shit in the middle - the sexless skinny whiteboy wail - has plummetted, and I'd rather listen to Beyonce than anyone in the fucking NME any more. but at the other end of the spectrum, the new delights just keep rolling in. And in that respect, the low-impact ease of music collecting through P2P is a blessing (and yes, i HAVE bought The Necks' Drive By after downloading it). I can read about stuff in The Wire, or through Boomkat , or through the blogosphere and actually check it out...

but it's also crippling. I'm never going to overtake it. I'm never going to be able to make that 'Best Records Ever... Ever' CD and know for sure I haven't missed something out.... I'll be lying on my deathbed (or on a wheeled bed in a corridor at St Thomas') doubled up in agony and my last words will probably be 'But... But... i never did get my head round the Sun City Girls'

a rather facile man I used to know (he writes the worst sitcom on TV, but no more clues.. ) visited me at home once and immediately suggested that I was terribly, terribly scared of death. I took umbrage at this rather glib bit of analysis, and asked for proof. he stood in my front room, waved his arm triumphally around at my tottering piles of CDs, my groaning shelves of vinyl, the stacks and stacks of unhelpfully compiled VHS tapes and grinned.

"because you're trying to reproduce yourself in plastic in the belief that this will save you somehow."


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Thursday, February 12, 2004


i'm both of those things, apparently, as I found out shortly before being headbutted and then kicked in the face by three blokes whilst lying on Brixton Academy's beer-sticky carpet.

so that was nice.

[edited because that was too enigmatic by half: basically, was at a Distillers/Peaches/Pretty Girls Make Graves gig last night at The Academy. got into a conversation with some guy in the toilet about PGMG, and some mulleted fuck chipped in with 'they'd be alright if there wasn't a nigger in the band' as we left the toilet. unfortunately, his skinhead, Stormfront-tattooed mates were outside.... calling them vermin probably didn't help things, but nor did the black security guy who dragged them off me - 'hey mate, i'm a nigger and i don't let them worry me. you should have left it' - or the pasty faced indie kids who came to see how badly hurt i was, ONCE the trouble was over... anyway, not much damage to report - a split lip, a bump on the head, some small bruises and a weird pain in my leg and my hip. ]

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Monday, February 09, 2004


i shan't list all the details about this here (find them here instead) but if anyone fancying an hour or so of dreadfully mixed dub and clicky twitchy electronic roots could join me at the new Urban 75 Offline night on Thursday 19th February.

Worth coming if only to hear me play 'Brixton Blues' by Ram John 'Pork Pie' Holder - a lost and marvellous classic.

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Hanging With The Big Kids

The incomparable Matt Woebot has been foolish enough to include me in his Blog links. Now I've finished weeping with joy and ringing all my friends, I'm tempted to quit now while I'm ahead.

But the big UK Roots Is A Musem is still in the works, and I'm a man of my word.
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Listening Vs Watching

been on a bit of a ticket spree, there's a lot of shows coming up that i'm really looking forward to.

but what i find odd is the gap between what i'm listening to at home/on the walkman, and what i'm going to see:

Anthony B
Rhythm & Sound
Sun Ra
John Fahey
Drum & Bass Arena
Ward 21
Jay Z

Le Tigre
The Distillers / Peaches / Pretty Girls Make Graves
Explosions In The Sky

.. in many ways, it's no mystery. most of the acts on the first list are either dead, studio projects or JA-based. but the second list is still fucking retro, even by my own hoary standards.

It's a truism that hip-hop - save for Public Enemy*, I guess - is generally pretty uninspiring live (I paid my money to watch 2 members of Wu Tang Clan I'd never heard of show up 90 minutes late and I'm not doing it again), but I guess what my ticket-buying shows is that I'm still hooked on the sight of whining white boys (and the odd whining white girl) throwing themselves around in neatly rehearsed and contained pantomimes of angst and anger. Having said that, the gig list is a blend of old familiar favourites - Mudhoney, Leatherface - and a couple of quite intriguing propositions (i've only seen Boredoms once and that was at Glastonbury which doesn't count because I couldn't work out where my brain stopped and they started; and Le Tigre are touted as being a top live act).

my two gripes - going to Rhodes on holiday stops me going to the RE:TG Throbbing Gristle weekend (and thus scuppers my plan of joining my mate in wearing fake 'Gazza' breasts and flashing them at Gen mid-TG set; and missing Shellac at All Tomorrow's Parties. It'll be the first time Shellac have played in the UK in over a decade where I won't have seen them at least once during a UK visit. And if you don't understand why that galls me so much, well then you're just not trying hard enough!

* perhaps more disappointing than Wu Tang Clan (or the Mobb Deep cancellation, due to that dumb fuck Westwood) was seeing De la Soul live. They rewrote hip hop for good, and yet all they could manage live was 'all the ladies in the house say 'yo!'. Which hardly counts as innovative, however you look at it..

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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Wiley Is A Goth!

i mean, come on.. have you heard the drumless version of Ground Zero. it's fucking Coil, man!

(btw, domain name bought, interesting source code ripped. the sooncome non-blogger Pounding System is going to blog you all back into the Stone Age!)

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Sunday, February 01, 2004

Yardcore? You Know The Score!!!

finished a new mix. sadly, i don't have anyone to host it so you'll just have to use Soulseek if you want it. it's nothing particularly earthshaking in content, almost 'Now That's What I Call Ragga-Inflected Mash-Ups: A Night Out At Sick & Twisted Without The Goths!', but it made me smile....

1) KLING KLANG - Superposition
2) THE BUG - Theme From Manhunt (Remix)
3) KOVERT - Soundboy
4) TIMEBLIND - Rastabomba
5) WASTELAND - Machinefest
6) MONOLAKE - Cern
7) BOY ROBOT - Set It For Me
8) THUNDER & LIGHTNING - Deliver Me (Version)
9) KNIFEHANDCHOP - Bounty Killer Killer
10) DJ SCUD & NOMEX - Total Destruction
11) BONG RA - Dub Murderer
12) TOK - Hands In The Air
13) MEAT BEAT MANIFESTO - Radio Babylon
14) TIMEBLIND - Desperado Move
15) GRAFITI VS THE BUG FEAT. RAS BOGLE - What Is The Problem (Version)
17) DR ISRAEL - Hardcore War Inna Jungle
18) KLING KLANG - Superposition (reprise)

... that should annoy yer mum.

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Luther Blisset

drunk and immobile and plagued by comedown, i sprawled on the sofa letting shit saturday night TV wash over me. only to be started into something approaching interest when Phil Tufnell's charity cricket team were on They Think It's All Over. In amongst retired cricket types like Richie Richardson et al was the one and only Mr Luther Blissett.

probably not that remarkable, but it's the first time i've come across him - in a non-Italian collective sense, anyhow - for ages..

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