Monday, February 09, 2004

Listening Vs Watching

been on a bit of a ticket spree, there's a lot of shows coming up that i'm really looking forward to.

but what i find odd is the gap between what i'm listening to at home/on the walkman, and what i'm going to see:

Anthony B
Rhythm & Sound
Sun Ra
John Fahey
Drum & Bass Arena
Ward 21
Jay Z

Le Tigre
The Distillers / Peaches / Pretty Girls Make Graves
Explosions In The Sky

.. in many ways, it's no mystery. most of the acts on the first list are either dead, studio projects or JA-based. but the second list is still fucking retro, even by my own hoary standards.

It's a truism that hip-hop - save for Public Enemy*, I guess - is generally pretty uninspiring live (I paid my money to watch 2 members of Wu Tang Clan I'd never heard of show up 90 minutes late and I'm not doing it again), but I guess what my ticket-buying shows is that I'm still hooked on the sight of whining white boys (and the odd whining white girl) throwing themselves around in neatly rehearsed and contained pantomimes of angst and anger. Having said that, the gig list is a blend of old familiar favourites - Mudhoney, Leatherface - and a couple of quite intriguing propositions (i've only seen Boredoms once and that was at Glastonbury which doesn't count because I couldn't work out where my brain stopped and they started; and Le Tigre are touted as being a top live act).

my two gripes - going to Rhodes on holiday stops me going to the RE:TG Throbbing Gristle weekend (and thus scuppers my plan of joining my mate in wearing fake 'Gazza' breasts and flashing them at Gen mid-TG set; and missing Shellac at All Tomorrow's Parties. It'll be the first time Shellac have played in the UK in over a decade where I won't have seen them at least once during a UK visit. And if you don't understand why that galls me so much, well then you're just not trying hard enough!

* perhaps more disappointing than Wu Tang Clan (or the Mobb Deep cancellation, due to that dumb fuck Westwood) was seeing De la Soul live. They rewrote hip hop for good, and yet all they could manage live was 'all the ladies in the house say 'yo!'. Which hardly counts as innovative, however you look at it..

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