Friday, February 20, 2004

oh, and my Offline@The Ritzy set was a disaster - the two cheap home Cambridge Audio amps they were using just cut out as soon as anything vaguely resembling a bassline happened. i think i managed four complete (and largely inaudible) tunes in over an hour.

in an attempt at some sort of DJ closure, this is what i WOULD have played:

1) Offline @ The Ritzy Intro (bit of Wasteland mixed with a Cutty Ranks acapella)
2) Rhythm & Sound w/Cornell Campbell - King In My Empire
3) Timeblind - The Rastabomba
4) Boy Robot - Set It For Me
5) Uptight Sound System - Righteous Dub
6) The Rootsman - We Come Rough
7) The Chantells - Waiting In The Park
8) Vybez Kartel - Best Friend*
9) Vybez Kartel - Sweet To The Belly
10) Ward 21 - Shotta To A Shotta
11) Sean Paul & Mr Vegas - Haffi Get Da Gal Yah
12) Tanya Stephens - Big Ninja Bike
13) Ackee - Call Me Rambo

which would have been good, i reckon... ho hum..

* which is clearly the best cut on the Ngozi riddim and anybody called Eden who tells you otherwise is just a pussy...
posted by dubversion at 10:51 pm

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