Friday, March 26, 2004


i'm not offering coherence, i'm offering determination.

"the billard player song" by shellac.

scour the edges of your brain pan and the far reaches of your eclecticism and you will be found wanting.

EVERYbody else can pack up and go home. it's all over. the calcuations have been made and you've, sadly, been found wanting.

you're not up to it. move along.

i'm not often lost for words. but all your best efforts are left panting for breath, are left futilely puffing out their chest, in the face of the Billiard Player Song.

it's guitar bass and drums but i don't buy your kneejerk reaction of what that can do. it can still flay your skin from your bones.

like this just did.

there was a man there tonight, a man called ian, who will only go and see two bands: whitehouse and shellac.

i hate whitehouse.


posted by dubversion at 12:31 am

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