Wednesday, March 31, 2004


a fantastic gig last night, for all sorts of reasons. it's gratifying that BOREDOMS can sell out a venue the size of the Scala, and even more gratifying that the audience wasn't entirely made up of Wire readers. one of the most wonderfully diverse - and really appreciative - crowds i've seen for ages. which is no more than Boredoms deserved. after a brilliant showbiz start, with yer main man creating walls of feedback by using what looked like mic-ed up snow domes (?), they settled in a gorgeous three drummers/one man tinkering with analogue gear groove. there's something so intense about watching multiple drummers at work (see also early Tortoise) and just hitting their gear SO damn hard.....

the less said about BLACK DICE the better - 3 nerds tinkering with bits of kit and some guitar, which intermittently found itself in an interesting or even lovely place, but only in the same way a confused American tourist could go looking for the Astoria and find themselves in Union Chapel instead.

but biggest props go to Lightning Bolt.

two totally driven maniacs, just bass and drums (and a mic somehow worn attached to the drummer's face underneath his ridiculous mask/cowl affair) and what Julian Cope would probably consider a 'righteous frenzy'. the bassist could conjure up some amazing stuff with 4 strings and a myriad of pedals, the drummer was among the best i've ever seen. i guess they'd qualify as 'skronk' or something, but whatever the fuck, it was amazing.

they started off on the floor of the Scala next to the stage, which had security scratching their heads... there were no crash barriers and a lot of kids flinging themselves about, and if i was a 19 year old anarchist i could probably draw some tenuous conclusion about this showing how the people can look after themselves, right?

even more spectacularly, at the end of the set the drummer pushed everyone to one side, and tugged a mat that his kit was on into the very middle of the floor, slap bang in the middle of the crowd, and played the last number there, completely surrounded by whooping, grinning and wonderfully confused abandon.

an excellent, excellent night and some consolation for me having missed All Tomorrow's Parties... Lightning Bolt are playing the ICA on Friday (probably in the toilets or in the bookshop or wherever takes their fancy) and i can't recommend it strongly enough....

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