Monday, April 26, 2004


since i can't afford to do it much these days, and since i don't have anything pressing to share, let me list some stuff i treated myself to on Saturday

meant to get that ages ago but it was worth the wait.. lovely reference library style sleeve as well....

also -

The Manhunt Remixes - all yer usual sonic yobbos playing havoc with computer game themes, highlights being The Bug's contribution and DMX Crew's wrecking job

White Enemy - i know bootlegs are SO last year, but this mix of 7 Nation Army and Bring The Noise works really well

Kode 9 & Daddi Gee -
sign of the dub fucked up and claustrophobic sort-of-dub

Sandox - Scientific Dancehall
two great mixes

two 10"s on Sup A Cup Records - Music Storm/Film Horns by the Matic Horns and True Colours/Wisdom of Solomon by Roman Stewart
all new to me, and all good...

New Orleans Funk - The Original Sound Of Funk 1960-75
mainly cos i can't get enough Huey 'Piano' Smith at the moment

Faultline - Biting Tongues.
which is a fairly shite electro-yawn but the Bug comes along on the flip and just stomps all over it, Warrior Queen n'all

Timeblind Feat Wayne Lonesome/OVe-NaXx feat Wayne Lonesome -
yet another Shockout/Tigerbeat release. could it be i'm actually getting a bit tired of 'yardcore' already. what sounded like the most exciting thing ever this time last year seems to be hitting a dead end already. having said that, the Timeblind side is much more interesting and inventive. but what is it with Wayne Lonesome? my mate and I were working on a crunchy industrial ragga thing* at the weekend and i half expected Mr Lonesome to show up ready to voice it.

Lee Perry - Disco Prisoner.
maybe i was in the wrong mood, but i actually found this dull as shite. which is most unusual...

Wiley - Wot Do U Call It?
apparently it's big with the kids. and the bloggers. but nobody in between. i know this because the Guardian told me.

Sly & Robbie - Boops Remix 12"
because if a set's going badly, this always turns it round.

Jackie Mittoo & The Soul Brothers - Train To Skaville.
another perfect Soul Jazz collection

The Pine Valley Cosmonauts - Executioners' Songs 2+3
another collection of all-star anti-capital punishment country.

The Handsome Family - Singing Bones
excellent as ever, especially 'If The World Should End In Ice', an amazing acappella hymn. an awesome duo.

so that's it. i'll be leaving on beans on toast for the rest of the month but i'll have some new records to see me through...

* just because it's over, doesn't mean i can't jump the bandwagon.

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Friday, April 23, 2004


i'm glad to see that Matt Woebot responded to the article with the disdain it deserves....

One of the main reasons why the Bloggers have engaged with Garage is that the mainstream press (as represented here by Mr Petridis) is so hidebound and conservative that it has to wait for a major label release before it can justify picking up pen. It might surprise Mr Petridis that the connections between these two circuits which he takes such glee in opposing is infinitely closer than the one the mainstream will ever enjoy with Garage. Socially, structurally and politically.

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Who Can They Mean?

Wiley, Treddin' on Thin Ice

Alexis Petridis
Friday April 23, 2004
The Guardian

Instead, its fanbase is comically polarised. At one extreme, its sonic experimentation has attracted the kind of people who run music blogs in which records are referred to as "texts" and lengthy essays are posted on such burning issues as the differentiation between Humean and Kantian views of motivation in the lyrics of Bonnie Prince Billy.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2004


... is a genius.


but i only just found out he now has a proper website

sorry, i just wanted to share

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Monday, April 19, 2004


so on saturday i installed my new Terratec DMX6 Fire Soundcard (which rocks because i can plug a turntable straight into it).

and then i installed:

Reason 2.5
Rebirth 2
Cubase VST 5.1
Ohm Boys VST2

all of which is excellent.

except i haven't got a fucking clue how to use any of it. all i know is that if i program a really simple drum break in Cubase and run it through Ohmboyz (as endorsed by Gibby from the Butthole Surfers) i can make a fantastic noise.

but there's got to be more to it than that ???

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it's that time of the month already.... after the birthday mayhem, i can't help worrying this could be a bit flat. but since 'flat' by People's Republic standards means 'really fucking stupidly busy', i guess we can't complain

all the stuff here
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John Eden frequently achieves the near-impossible in making the idea of being a parent sound like some crazy kind of fun, rather than a fate worse than death (which is my usual take on the whole thing… ).

For example, this little entry from the weekend:

DIY Breakcore in E2

One of the more obscure features of the Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood is its impressive "make your own breakcore track" installation on the first floor. For only 60p you can, for a limited timescale, mash the place up in front of a captive audience of children.

There are no actual instructions, so please print this off for guidance.

Step 1: Place 30p into the big red fire engine mini-ride. This provides the necessary droning engine noises and sirens.

Step 2: Place infant (preferably your own or a friend's) into said fire engine.

Step 3: Place another 30p into the adjacent Wurlitzer jukebox and select "1712": "Pass the Dutchie" by Musical Youth.

Step 4: Encourage infant, and any passing children or adults to exclaim "Selector!!!" or "Murder Style!!!" very loudly. Ignore confused looks of other parents and staff members.

Step 5: Enjoy your industrial reggae mash up!


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Saturday, April 17, 2004


i've probably spelt that wrong, but never mind.. here's a thing:

open a picture - any picture - in Photoshop. Save it as a .raw file. then open it in Sound Forge (or some similar app) and see what it sounds like.

my in-depth research conclusively reveals that

*Constable's Haywain sounds like the kind of vile grinding tone Nurse With Wound would have rejected for being just too fucking sick.

* Mondrian pictures sound like little robot wasps

* the Two-Tone logo fella in the hat sounds like a station announcement.

from this i think we can conclude that the more going on the picture, the more vile the noise.

fun for all the family...

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Saturday, April 10, 2004

i appear to have used the word 'lovely' four times in that last post.

i make no apologies for that, it IS lovely

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all too aware of how completely on my own i appear to be with this movie (my girlfriend lost interest/the will to live about 20 minutes in last night and when i saw it at the cinema last year i was entirely alone.. )

but it's a winner. directed by David Gordon Green, some young fresh out of film school tyro (who's in line to direct Confederacy Of Dunces the movie - which would be great if they cast Mike McShane as Ignatious rather than some clueless Saturday Night Live alumnus called Will Ferrer - ? - who's not even a fat bloke)....

very little happens - town love rat falls in love with best friend's sister, love goes bad, the end. but very little happens in about as beautiful a style as i've ever seen. long lingering shots of dew-heavy kids playgrounds, dappled sun through autumn trees, factories pumping smoke over green hills. all to a soundtrack of mogwai, sparklehorse, palace brothers and the like...

the acting is uniformly excellent - mostly improvised, i believe, so the dialogue is involving and lovely. the film starts suddenly, almost arbitrarily, and ends with no kind of resolution or pay-off, and in the middle there are some simple, terribly sad little moments that made me sad in that indulgently lovely way that i don't allow myself much of any more..

favourite moment is where the excellent (and deeply lovely) lead actress Zooey Deschanel pulls her lover to her and says - apropo of nothing - "i had a dream last night where you grew a garden on a trampoline and i was so happy i invented peanut butter".

lovely stuff, but only to me it seems!

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Thursday, April 08, 2004


i don't have the energy to rehearse the whole homophobia in reggae argument again, here or anywhere, but i would draw attention to this most excellent turn of events.

having reviewed - in a largely positive light - last weekend's Solution Sound dance in Dalston, John Eden had to end on a sour note about an MC slipping into the usual 'bun dem' bollocks...

anyway, not a man to let such things go unchallenged, our hero (ahem) emailed the Solution Crew to explain how he felt, and got this very prompt and very reassuring response:

"Author: Solution Crew
Date: 04-07-04 13:27

Well John thanks for your comments and yes this now has to be sorted out. We have never told mic men what is and isn't acceptable on the sound as on the whole it hasn't been necessary but it has come to the point were we now have to.

We don't support these lyrics and you won't be witnessing them on our sound again, sorry it ruined your night.

Solution Crew"

which is just brilliant.

respect to all involved, with the notable exception of the suckah mc of course

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Wednesday, April 07, 2004


i look like i'm farting and following through..

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i've been meaning to do this for ages, but never got round to it... strikes me that even anarcho-punks and urban warriors eventually settle down and want somewhere more cosy.....





trouble is my Photoshop skills aren't up to much, so not only are a couple of those fairly shit (though i am especially pleased with the Clash one) but also some other ideas defeated me, especially Mark Stewart's WHEN THE VENEER ON THE COFFEE TABLE STARTS TO FADE


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Le Tigre @ London Astoria

An absolutely excellent gig – joyful where most of their contemporaries are dour. Coordinated costumes, dance routines, very smart visuals and a lot of self-deprecating humour balanced out the righteous anger and political savvy without diluting it. And covering the Pointer Sisters’ ‘I’m So Excited’ as a first number was genius. Three of the most engaging performers I’ve ever seen, especially Kathleen Hanna who is the perfect synthesis of Ari Up and one of the Shangri-Las. They finished with Hot Topic and Deceptacon, as good a closing brace of songs as you're likely to hear....

(and everything the support - the execrable Erase Errata - weren't. dour, plodding, screwfaced noodling).

pic linked from http://busygrrrl.homestead.com, hope they don't mind...
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Getting up in the morning is not one of my specialities (any more than getting to sleep at night is.. ). I’ve tried every possible alarm/clock radio combination and in the end they all let me down (even the CD-alarm clock that played Ace Of Spades very, very loud). I can get used to anything…

Lately I’ve been trying Radio 4’s Today programme, thinking that perhaps some political cut and thrust, and more news about creeping US imperialism might force me into wakefulness by making me angry. But as ever, it’s backfired… now, between 8am when my alarm goes off and 9am when the programme ends and I finally crawl out of bed, I occupy a strange and wonderful current affairs dreamland, a consciousness hinterland where John Humphreys and James Naughtie take me to some very strange places indeed. Jolted back to near-wakefulness every ten minutes by the snooze function, I’ll surface just long enough to gather another soundbite or news snippet and then sink back again with the newly acquired fact or comment providing something else for my dreaming brain to play with….

This morning, I was drifting in some Napoleonic version of Basra where Russians were eating horses and Tolstoy was reading the weather. Now I can vaguely work out what stories I conflated to come up with that, but it does give me a rather skewed take on the day’s news.

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Thursday, April 01, 2004


from the comfort of my 'i've blagged it' chair, it's bizarre watching the glastonbury ticket mania strike again. tickets went on sale at 8pm, the website was down at 8.01pm

and by 8.10pm they were on e-bay:

NB. These tickets aren't actually official and won't guarantee entry into the Glastonbury Festival but you are welcome to go and see if you can fob them off as the real thing. We reckon they look pretty kosher, right down to the hologram which we made out of a bit of tinfoil and some sticky-backed plastic.

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(this isn't the most recent flyer, there doesn't appear to BE a most recent flyer.. )

anyway, due to licensing hassles i'm playing from 9.30-10.15pm (in between Mike 'The Editor' Slocombe - who's birthday it is - and DJ Hoax) and provided the 33 quid home amplifier they have installed there doesn't collapse under the weight of my basslines again, i'm probably going to hit them with some kind of Now That's What I Call Really Bastard Obvious Eighties Dancehall.

because i'm generous like that... and because even people who don't like reggae MUST surely like Pirate's Anthem?

(oh and this night led to my first ever Time Out listing, which caused a brief frisson of excitement in my pants.. )

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