Saturday, April 10, 2004


all too aware of how completely on my own i appear to be with this movie (my girlfriend lost interest/the will to live about 20 minutes in last night and when i saw it at the cinema last year i was entirely alone.. )

but it's a winner. directed by David Gordon Green, some young fresh out of film school tyro (who's in line to direct Confederacy Of Dunces the movie - which would be great if they cast Mike McShane as Ignatious rather than some clueless Saturday Night Live alumnus called Will Ferrer - ? - who's not even a fat bloke)....

very little happens - town love rat falls in love with best friend's sister, love goes bad, the end. but very little happens in about as beautiful a style as i've ever seen. long lingering shots of dew-heavy kids playgrounds, dappled sun through autumn trees, factories pumping smoke over green hills. all to a soundtrack of mogwai, sparklehorse, palace brothers and the like...

the acting is uniformly excellent - mostly improvised, i believe, so the dialogue is involving and lovely. the film starts suddenly, almost arbitrarily, and ends with no kind of resolution or pay-off, and in the middle there are some simple, terribly sad little moments that made me sad in that indulgently lovely way that i don't allow myself much of any more..

favourite moment is where the excellent (and deeply lovely) lead actress Zooey Deschanel pulls her lover to her and says - apropo of nothing - "i had a dream last night where you grew a garden on a trampoline and i was so happy i invented peanut butter".

lovely stuff, but only to me it seems!

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