Monday, April 26, 2004


since i can't afford to do it much these days, and since i don't have anything pressing to share, let me list some stuff i treated myself to on Saturday

meant to get that ages ago but it was worth the wait.. lovely reference library style sleeve as well....

also -

The Manhunt Remixes - all yer usual sonic yobbos playing havoc with computer game themes, highlights being The Bug's contribution and DMX Crew's wrecking job

White Enemy - i know bootlegs are SO last year, but this mix of 7 Nation Army and Bring The Noise works really well

Kode 9 & Daddi Gee -
sign of the dub fucked up and claustrophobic sort-of-dub

Sandox - Scientific Dancehall
two great mixes

two 10"s on Sup A Cup Records - Music Storm/Film Horns by the Matic Horns and True Colours/Wisdom of Solomon by Roman Stewart
all new to me, and all good...

New Orleans Funk - The Original Sound Of Funk 1960-75
mainly cos i can't get enough Huey 'Piano' Smith at the moment

Faultline - Biting Tongues.
which is a fairly shite electro-yawn but the Bug comes along on the flip and just stomps all over it, Warrior Queen n'all

Timeblind Feat Wayne Lonesome/OVe-NaXx feat Wayne Lonesome -
yet another Shockout/Tigerbeat release. could it be i'm actually getting a bit tired of 'yardcore' already. what sounded like the most exciting thing ever this time last year seems to be hitting a dead end already. having said that, the Timeblind side is much more interesting and inventive. but what is it with Wayne Lonesome? my mate and I were working on a crunchy industrial ragga thing* at the weekend and i half expected Mr Lonesome to show up ready to voice it.

Lee Perry - Disco Prisoner.
maybe i was in the wrong mood, but i actually found this dull as shite. which is most unusual...

Wiley - Wot Do U Call It?
apparently it's big with the kids. and the bloggers. but nobody in between. i know this because the Guardian told me.

Sly & Robbie - Boops Remix 12"
because if a set's going badly, this always turns it round.

Jackie Mittoo & The Soul Brothers - Train To Skaville.
another perfect Soul Jazz collection

The Pine Valley Cosmonauts - Executioners' Songs 2+3
another collection of all-star anti-capital punishment country.

The Handsome Family - Singing Bones
excellent as ever, especially 'If The World Should End In Ice', an amazing acappella hymn. an awesome duo.

so that's it. i'll be leaving on beans on toast for the rest of the month but i'll have some new records to see me through...

* just because it's over, doesn't mean i can't jump the bandwagon.

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