Wednesday, April 07, 2004


Getting up in the morning is not one of my specialities (any more than getting to sleep at night is.. ). I’ve tried every possible alarm/clock radio combination and in the end they all let me down (even the CD-alarm clock that played Ace Of Spades very, very loud). I can get used to anything…

Lately I’ve been trying Radio 4’s Today programme, thinking that perhaps some political cut and thrust, and more news about creeping US imperialism might force me into wakefulness by making me angry. But as ever, it’s backfired… now, between 8am when my alarm goes off and 9am when the programme ends and I finally crawl out of bed, I occupy a strange and wonderful current affairs dreamland, a consciousness hinterland where John Humphreys and James Naughtie take me to some very strange places indeed. Jolted back to near-wakefulness every ten minutes by the snooze function, I’ll surface just long enough to gather another soundbite or news snippet and then sink back again with the newly acquired fact or comment providing something else for my dreaming brain to play with….

This morning, I was drifting in some Napoleonic version of Basra where Russians were eating horses and Tolstoy was reading the weather. Now I can vaguely work out what stories I conflated to come up with that, but it does give me a rather skewed take on the day’s news.

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