Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Le Tigre @ London Astoria

An absolutely excellent gig – joyful where most of their contemporaries are dour. Coordinated costumes, dance routines, very smart visuals and a lot of self-deprecating humour balanced out the righteous anger and political savvy without diluting it. And covering the Pointer Sisters’ ‘I’m So Excited’ as a first number was genius. Three of the most engaging performers I’ve ever seen, especially Kathleen Hanna who is the perfect synthesis of Ari Up and one of the Shangri-Las. They finished with Hot Topic and Deceptacon, as good a closing brace of songs as you're likely to hear....

(and everything the support - the execrable Erase Errata - weren't. dour, plodding, screwfaced noodling).

pic linked from http://busygrrrl.homestead.com, hope they don't mind...
posted by dubversion at 9:47 am

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