Thursday, April 08, 2004


i don't have the energy to rehearse the whole homophobia in reggae argument again, here or anywhere, but i would draw attention to this most excellent turn of events.

having reviewed - in a largely positive light - last weekend's Solution Sound dance in Dalston, John Eden had to end on a sour note about an MC slipping into the usual 'bun dem' bollocks...

anyway, not a man to let such things go unchallenged, our hero (ahem) emailed the Solution Crew to explain how he felt, and got this very prompt and very reassuring response:

"Author: Solution Crew
Date: 04-07-04 13:27

Well John thanks for your comments and yes this now has to be sorted out. We have never told mic men what is and isn't acceptable on the sound as on the whole it hasn't been necessary but it has come to the point were we now have to.

We don't support these lyrics and you won't be witnessing them on our sound again, sorry it ruined your night.

Solution Crew"

which is just brilliant.

respect to all involved, with the notable exception of the suckah mc of course

posted by dubversion at 2:55 pm

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