Thursday, April 01, 2004


(this isn't the most recent flyer, there doesn't appear to BE a most recent flyer.. )

anyway, due to licensing hassles i'm playing from 9.30-10.15pm (in between Mike 'The Editor' Slocombe - who's birthday it is - and DJ Hoax) and provided the 33 quid home amplifier they have installed there doesn't collapse under the weight of my basslines again, i'm probably going to hit them with some kind of Now That's What I Call Really Bastard Obvious Eighties Dancehall.

because i'm generous like that... and because even people who don't like reggae MUST surely like Pirate's Anthem?

(oh and this night led to my first ever Time Out listing, which caused a brief frisson of excitement in my pants.. )

posted by dubversion at 5:41 pm

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