Saturday, May 01, 2004


i'll be honest - this is kind of old news and the main reason i'm blogging this is so i always know where to find it, but this is the 'rap' that Clive Wolfendale delivered to the inaugural meeting of the North Wales Black Police Association.

"I'm just a white boy called the Deputy CC / They said I'd never make it as a bitchin' MC / You got it all wrong, cos now here I am / Giving it for real in the North Wales BPA jam
They call me Roxy, or Ms Dynamo on stage / Unlike my brother here, I never look my age / I'm goin' to spill it all about the boys in blue / Show you what it's like within the not-so-solid crew

So listen! Watch a doin' here today / Checkin' what the Heddlu Gogledd Cymru gotta say / Put away your cameras and your note pads for a spell / I got a story that I really need to tell

Bein' in the dibble is no cakewalk when you're black / If you don't get fitted, then you'll prob'ly get the sack / You're better chillin', lie down and just be passive / No place for us just yet in the Colwyn Bay Massive

The Beeb Man stuffed us with the Secret Policeman / It's no good moanin' cos' he found the Ku Klux Klan / Job ain't what it used to be; it's full of blacks and gays / It was just us white homies in the really good ole' days

So what we bothrin' with this stinkin' institution / No love, no heart, no sense, no proper constitution / No-one loves the coppers cos' we're rotten to the core / Cross between the devil and a governmental whore

What is the purpose of a black association? / It's just another stupid race relations job creation / We got our meetings and our various sub-committees / Packed with some do-gooders and a lot more Walter Mittys

Forget all of that bulls**t an' I'll tell u why we're here / Things are sometimes better than they usually appear / The New World Order means the streets are gettin' hot /Trust in one another is really all we got

The BPA is sayin' that we're all in the same boat / Black or white in blue, we're all wearin' the same coat / If this don't happen then the lot of us are screwed / Caught up in the mis'ry of the international feud

So Roger, Nick and Larbi will you give us one more chance / Danny and Silvana, I'd really like to dance / To Essi and to Imdad I want to give a hand / Let's hear it for Ms Dynamo and all her backin' band

There's no time for jam tomorrow, we need the jam today / That's why we launchin' our association in this way / Thank you all for coming and remember what we say / Support your local sheriff and the North Wales BPA. "

as you were.

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