Friday, May 21, 2004


just watched an hour long compilation of Ustinov's encounters with Parkinson across the seventies - cut together from what seemed to be about six or seven appearances.

what a giant of a man. warm, funny, human, gentle, wise, sharp, witty.. the works. the hour flew by and i could have happily sat there for another 4 (especially spotting George Melly off to one side in one shot - i'd love to have seen all of that show.. )

and while i find watching someone like Ustinov in full raconteur mode really affirming, it also depresses the hell out of me...

... where are our Ustinov's? or even our David Niven's, Peter Cook's, Lauren Bacall's?

nope. we've got Hugh Grant, Jim Carrey and Shane fucking Ritchie.....

posted by dubversion at 11:38 pm

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