Tuesday, June 22, 2004


it would appear that after a period of obvious indecision, matt woebot has called it a day. whether he'll emerge elsewhere i don't know, but i dearly hope so.

there's been much talk among the upper echelons of the bloggerati (k-punk, uncarved etc) about the nature of the blogging network/community and how fresh blood is needed and the passing of blogs like woebot should be celebrated not mourned.

but - perhaps because i'm less of a cultural theorist or whatever - i don't see it like that.

i just see the demise of one of the 3 or 4 most brilliant blogs i've ever read. matt woebot seems to be approaching the Wire and others for a print outlet, and i dearly hope he gets one. i don't agree with everything he said -god forbid! - but i learned a lot. a helluva lot. most of what i know about Grime, Sun Ra and London record shops i learned from Woebot. (and i even bought things rather than just downloading them

he has his reasons and i'm sure he'll pop up somewhere else, but i'll miss my daily click on my woebot favourites link to see what he's come up with.

good luck with whatever, matt. sorry for being so valedictory, but you'll be missed. and thank you for letting me know about Sun Ra's Sleeping Beauty. more than anything, thank you for that.

posted by dubversion at 10:46 pm

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