Thursday, June 03, 2004


just knocked off a disgruntled letter of complaint to the Independent about their obituary (written by Paul Levy) of Private Eye founder Nicholas Luard, which they printed last week (late because i've been on my hols).

look at this:

"Francesca... the eldest of (Luard's) 3 daughters, was diagnosed HIV positive and died of AIDS aged 29.... She wasn't a drug user and had only had a few boyfriends - it seemed unjust as well as horrific"


Dear Sir or Madam
I noted that Paul Levy (in his obituary for Nicholas Luard in the Independent dated May 28th) found it ‘unjust as well as horrific’ that Luard’s daughter Francesca died of an AIDS related illness in light of the fact that ‘she wasn’t a drug user and had had only a few boyfriends’.

Are we to conclude from this that if she had been more promiscuous or – heaven forfend – had at some point taken drugs, that despite still being horrific, her sad passing would have been in some way ‘just’? I’m sure the friends and family of victims of AIDS who in Levy’s eyes ‘deserved’ their tragic ends will be very reassured to find out that Chris Morris’ satirical distinction between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ AIDS actually has at least one adherent.

Which ever way you dress this up – as clumsy journalism, shocking judgementalism or sheer callousness – it’s unacceptable, and not the kind of thing I expected to find in your pages.

unfuckinbelievable that the comment slipped past the editors...

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