Tuesday, June 22, 2004


this time tomorrow, that'll be me.

so whilst i haven't exactly been blogging up a storm of late anyway, i'm off for a week. if you're at Glastonbury, i'll be hosting Dubversion's Reggae Breakfast in Greenpeace's big Cafe Tango on Friday lunchtime and Saturday morning.

or Saturday lunchtime and Friday morning. i get so confused.. i'll also be playing between some bands on various stages, and hosting a People's Republic Of Disco (backstage - let's just say i'm an insurgent force or something and quickly move on!!!)

meanwhile, these things are important:

Paul Morley's Words & Music is a cracking good read.

"If as a teenager you feel music this powerfully, it is very difficult to grow up and grow out of it. You are in fact likely to spend the rest of your life searching for similar experiences, even at ages when other life experiences should have suggested that there is a kind of immaturity in feeling so strongly about what is, after all, merely music, which is merely a form of guesswork about consciousness".

Southern/Country Muscle Shoals soul - this is what i listen to mostly at the moment. Candi Staton, OV Wright, Tony Joe White. beautiful.

i have started seeing a proper psychotherapist and it's wiping me out. not sure i can keep it up. every monday morning after the session i feel physically sick and like i can't trust any of the devices i need to get me through the day.

Johnny Boy's 'You Are The Generation That Bought Most Shoes' is not the Hoxton-finned wankfest one would expect judging by the press and their image. it is in fact an absolutely superlative slice of Phil Spector/Jesus & Mary Chain reverb-drenched loveliness which makes me grin and makes my nipples go hard.

that'll do for now.. see you next week......

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