Tuesday, June 01, 2004


on the outskirts of Lindos, the village i stayed in on Rodos last week, there was a decrepit mausoleum, a 3 hour round trip from the village across barren, bleak rocky terrain. all mean looking goats, wizened sheep and snakes. my kind of landscape.

nobody about, quite creepy really. it was the coolest day and i went towards dusk. the abandoned windmill - middle ground in the pic - looked fascinating but a bit menacing. when i came up close it was pitch black inside so i tentatively moved towards it.

....maybe the three black furious looking billy goats that came running at me as i approached were more scared of me than i was of them, but it's difficult to credit. it's the nearest i've come to actually soiling myself in fear in my life...

having gathered myself, i scrambled up to the mausoleum itself. amazing views across the cliffs and coastline of Rodos and all the way to Turkey if you squinted.

an amazing place...

i've got a HUGE and angry rant about Brits abroad, but i'll save it till i feel less agitated.

in the meantime, props to John Eden and Paul 'Grievous Angel' Meme for the superb mixes (Shake The Foundations Vol2 and Nervous Ragga respectively) that accompanied me on the trek. VC's incomparable 'By His Deeds' is a mighty powerful thing to listen to in somewere quite so barren and beautiful.

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