Tuesday, July 27, 2004

So Much Things To Say...

... as I've already mentioned, I'm having a hectic and in many ways far from enjoyable summer: family strife and personal nonsense are tying up my brain, People's Republic Of Disco nonsense is tying up my time and when I get home from an increasingly demanding job I find I'm having to fight turning into a couch potato salaryman....

... There are high points - personal ones I won't go into here, but also lots of new 'cultural' discoveries and obsessions. All things Muscle Shoals, especially OV Wright who's like the DEEPEST of deep soul.  Doing a DJ support for Holly Golightly was a treat, I probably gave more thought than ever to what I was spinning and I hope the surprisingly large crowd enjoyed it anywhere near as much as I did... I'm obsessing on Modest Mouse's Good News For People Who Love Bad News at the moment: long-term also ran college rock outsiders suddenly find how all the bits fit together and make a classic. ..

       ..... And in a couple of weeks (August 14th, Bar Lorca, Brixton Road), The E war Woo War Sound System makes its debut - ie myself (Dubversion) selecting/spinning and The Mighty Vacuum on effects, computers and stuff I can spill beer on.


It's the first Unsound for over a year since they were evicted from the arches, and I've missed it. Not only because I always got a slot, playing to a lovely crowd in a lovely atmosphere, but because it was just my favourite night out: all the best bits of a squat party with less of the attendant hassles that a bloke of my advancing years could well do without (crackheads, ketheads, dogshit and broken toilets).... we're not going to be doing much - playing Bela Lugosi's Dread and our new mash-up of John The Revelator. The rest of the time, I'm just going to drop some tunes while The Mighty Vacuum makes with the noises...

John Eden still reminds me that I'm still due to hand in my essay on British Dub As A Museum for marking, and I just never seem to get around to it. I think there are two things - among several - that are factors in my prevarication. One is that quite a few of the people who would probably get criticised in the piece are friends or acquaintances who I'm pretty fond of. And secondly, perhaps I just haven't quite put my finger on what's missing yet, why endless Brit digidub releases get churned out, none of which have an nth of the imagination and cojones of stuff coming out of Berlin and the like..

.. a case in point is the recent Dub Solidarity album on Dubhead (the source of much dreadful, dreadful digidub over the years, in amongst the odd gem).


i mean,  it's just a piece of shit. seriously. for a double CD with that many tracks, with that many alleged mainstays of the British (mainly) roots scene, it's a struggle to name more than about 4 tracks that have any fire or inspiration at all. Most just plod, some are laughably bad. The Zion Train track rocks, but then that's as much the work of Jonno (Dubdadda) as anything.. most of the first CD is remarkable purely for the utter dearth of creativity. the same FX, the same tired jaded wanky synth brass stabs... just depressing really. Play it back to back with some Rhythm & Sound, or some Monolake, or The Bug.. or just about anything out of JA, but that's another story...

When we first made Bela Lugosi's Dread (when we were just Dubversion Meets The Batcave Uptown) we assumed at every stage of the process that it would be shit - a bit of fun, a bad pun made flesh. But listening back we realised it wasn't bad. What sealed it was my rather roots-centric landlord DJ Badly remarking that it was better than almost anything you found on a Dubhead compilation these days......


Anyway, for what started out as a non-post, this seems to have spiralled out of control... In the meantime, respect to Paul Meme for constantly putting new tracks on his blog which are always essential and surely add up to a fucking great album by now...

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Wednesday, July 21, 2004


haven't posted for weeks now, not for lack of stuff to say but for a surfeit of things to say. been an odd and difficult summer so far, and i barely seem to have time to catch my breath.

but i will get round to it...




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Sunday, July 04, 2004


actually, i can't be bothered. let's just say i peaked too soon.

this picture says it all:

and yes, that IS a bottle of Baileys.....

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having spoken too soon about the demise of woebot, the man is back in what i guess is the blog equivalent of a secret acoustic gig as woebotnik, and in one of his most maddeningly entertaining entries yet, he's looking at the hitherto unexplored (surely?) parallels between celebrity chefs and rock stars.

much as it pains me to admit it about the utterly adorable (in a contemptible way, of course.. ) Nigella, but this is pretty bang on:

Nigella Lawson. Oh dear, don't start me. She's a total interloper, very shallow
talent, rode into the limelight on Nigel Slater's coat-tails. Slater, who reacts to
tungsten lighting like a Yorkshire pudding, and is better as a journalist. Slater is
like Lester Bangs when he was playing in The Delinquents. Him on TV, it's like a
hack's jolly. Nigella is like Peaches, she's pathetically pimping her not-quite good
looks in an arena overstuffed with so many unattractive male specimens. It's
almost as if you see the competition spluttering, "But it's not fair!" The way she
provocatively nuzzles strawberries is like Peaches snogging audience members.
The cooking, like the music, is totally superfluous, a botched together make-do
snapshot of stolen gestures and ideas.

although for some reason nigella has actually always reminded me of the marvellous

but that's probably just a hair thing.......

as for anthony worral-thompson (Anthony Worrall-Thomson, I dunno I give up, he's like Aerosmith), i think woebot(nik?) has missed a trick here - Ramsay has already done his work for him by describing the little fuck as a 'squashed Bee Gee', which i reckon works on all sorts of levels....

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