Sunday, July 04, 2004


having spoken too soon about the demise of woebot, the man is back in what i guess is the blog equivalent of a secret acoustic gig as woebotnik, and in one of his most maddeningly entertaining entries yet, he's looking at the hitherto unexplored (surely?) parallels between celebrity chefs and rock stars.

much as it pains me to admit it about the utterly adorable (in a contemptible way, of course.. ) Nigella, but this is pretty bang on:

Nigella Lawson. Oh dear, don't start me. She's a total interloper, very shallow
talent, rode into the limelight on Nigel Slater's coat-tails. Slater, who reacts to
tungsten lighting like a Yorkshire pudding, and is better as a journalist. Slater is
like Lester Bangs when he was playing in The Delinquents. Him on TV, it's like a
hack's jolly. Nigella is like Peaches, she's pathetically pimping her not-quite good
looks in an arena overstuffed with so many unattractive male specimens. It's
almost as if you see the competition spluttering, "But it's not fair!" The way she
provocatively nuzzles strawberries is like Peaches snogging audience members.
The cooking, like the music, is totally superfluous, a botched together make-do
snapshot of stolen gestures and ideas.

although for some reason nigella has actually always reminded me of the marvellous

but that's probably just a hair thing.......

as for anthony worral-thompson (Anthony Worrall-Thomson, I dunno I give up, he's like Aerosmith), i think woebot(nik?) has missed a trick here - Ramsay has already done his work for him by describing the little fuck as a 'squashed Bee Gee', which i reckon works on all sorts of levels....

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