Monday, August 23, 2004


Just to keep people informed:

My solicitor has stated that this is the most confusing and ridiculous case
she's ever dealt with, because the prosecution still haven't decided what
the allegations are. The arresting officer is now denying his original
statement ("that's not what I meant") where he claimed I pushed him onto the
railway line - now apparently he believes he meant I 'tried' to push him.

The absurdity of this aside, the CPS still seem determined to press on and
have set a trial date for October 4th. Even though they're looking slightly
more embarrassed at every turn, as well they might. My solicitor doubts this
date will be met because of problems getting vital evidence like CCTV
footage, so it could drag on for months.

I guess this is how they win - a war of attrition, a process so stressful
and protracted that eventually you'll do or say anything just to get it out
of the way.

Very very angry.

posted by dubversion at 12:31 pm

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