Monday, August 23, 2004

Johnny Boy –
You Are The Generation Who Bought Most Shoes And You’ll Get What You Deserve…

I fully expected to hate Johnny Boy. The picture I first saw in some style mag – studied cool and brand new CBGBs t-shirts. It stank of Hoxton faddism and empty signifiers…

But fuck me, if it isn’t the single of the year by some distance… Maybe the pleasure I find in it is a pipe’n’slippers cosy nostalgia, because there’s absolutely nothing new about it at all. It’s a Phil Spector/Jesus & Mary Chain big pop hybrid, like all those bands in about 1986-87 tried to make, but it’s just done so fabulously well.

The ‘Baby I Love You’ big drum intro, the ‘yeh yeh’s, the clanging guitars. It’s so entirely out of its time but somehow everything comes together so perfectly.

As for the new Nick Cave single, Nature Boy – he does KNOW it sounds exactly like ‘Come Up & See Me (Make Me Smile)’ doesn’t he?

posted by dubversion at 1:50 pm

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