Monday, August 23, 2004

The Loneliness Of A Long-Distance Crowd Pleaser.

It was a given that playing a 3 ½ hour set at Unsound last week would take its toll. That’s a LONG set. I enjoyed it, and the swelling crowd seemed to as well. The idea was that rather than my customary 1 – 1 ½ hour sets which always kicked off Unsound when it was in the Arches, I’d start at 9pm and run through till after midnight, both to ease people in to the night and perhaps pull down some punters earlier to help the bar takings. So I figured I’d start nice and rootsy and wind things up gradually – shifting from some 70s sufferers tunes, through the whole Rhythm & Sound/Fenin strand (and what a fucking pleasure it was to hear ‘King In My Empire’ on a rig that big – the bass was absolutely phenomenal) and then through dancehall old and new, a quick burst of yardcore for the nutters and then, as usual, the last 45 minutes or so packed full of dancefloor-pleasing stompers. The usual stuff – Dreadzone’s Fight The Power, Zion Train’s Follow Like Wolves, Manasseh, Smith & Mighty’s B Line Fi Blow, a couple of tracks from the Blood & Fire remix albums, and the like. I’ve already had this argument over on Urban 75 and the purist likes of that troublesome John Eden fella were of the opinion I just hit the crowd with some pure dancehall and let them be won over. But, much as nothing would make me happier, by that time I’m dealing with a couple of hundred or so people who’s pills are just kicking in. Just strikes me that the barrel of crowd-pleasing uptempo bouncy reggae tunes is a shallow one, and short of settling on a different selection of tunes from the same artist every month, I need a rethink…… or, as Eden pointed out, just knock up some more tunes of my own: Bela Lugosi’s Dread went down a treat, as did – I’m pleased to say – Grievous Angel Sound System’s marvellous Tippa Irie number..

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