Monday, August 23, 2004

More Beyond The Implode Quality Outpourings...

In sharing what goes on in his mind's eye, he saved the best till last

5) The Clash "Pressure Drop"Mick Jones and Joe Strummer drawing the
curtains, whispering, Are you sure no-one can see in?, before ripping off their
leather jackets, dolling themselves up in Timmy Mallett-style luminous beachwear
and backwards baseball caps, and giggling like retarded 5-year olds as they
throw themselves round their bedsit, playing Fisher Price guitars in a shameless
yet sordid burst of white reggae bumfoolery

EDIT: in fact, the more i read of BTI, the more i realise the fella's a genius. a bitter genius, naturally....

posted by dubversion at 1:29 pm

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