Tuesday, August 24, 2004


Skits are shit.
Even most good skits grate after 3 or 4 plays, but some aren’t even that tolerable. Who do we blame? I guess Public Enemy were the first act I came across to splatter their albums with such things (although I was a latecomeE to hip hop so I could be chatting shit), but they were usually short, pithy and relevant so it was OK. De La Soul seemed to up the ante and much as Three Feet High And Rising made for a ‘total listening experience’ at first, after a while the gameshow format just irritated. Luckily, that album was one of the first CDs I ever bought so I made with the programme button. And it just goes on and on. And on.
Check the Kanye West album. I can’t bring myself to listen to it most of the time because – great as the music is – I begrudge having to either faff around with the CD player or endure the dreadfully unfunny links over and over again….. At the moment I’m loving the Skinnyman album, and maybe I can tolerate all the Made In Britain samples a bit more because not only are they mercifully short (and often cleverly worked into the subsequent tune..) but also because I guess I can identify with/relate to the source material more. And at least they’re not trying to be wacky/funny.

There’s an interview with ?uestlove from the Roots in this month’s Touch, talking about the new Roots album being a slimline ten-tracker. Although the fool cited Coldplay as a good example (damn his eyes) he pointed out that all the best albums have ten tracks and that perhaps the age of the skit is coming to an end.
I for one fucking hope so, because I’m damn sure I’d buy a lot more hip hop albums if I didn’t have to sit through some skunk-addled fool coming over all school revue….

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