Thursday, August 26, 2004


it's been really bugging me - for over a year - who those retro-styled Cameron Crowe-aping gimps The Thrills sound like. But it's completely eluded me.. then, in a blinding flash that seems to have preceded the onset of a migraine I shall now hold them personally responsible for, I realised that it's.... The High Llamas.

but the High Llamas without any of the wit or charm. And let's face it, The High Llamas were pretty fucking awful WITH some wit and charm.
So that's it then - The Thrills. They're fronted by a terrifying cross between Feargal Sharkey and Martin 'off of' Eastenders and they sound like a limp carbon copy of a band who were themselves a limp carbon copy.
Has a band ever been less aptly named?
(and the shame of it! to realise that i've just expended more than 100 of my hard-wrung words on these fucking corduroy-wearing clowns).
Anyway, feeling the bite of the middle class very hard, I've just been out and bought two 12"s from Jason 'Aphasic' Skeet and a copy of the Skinnyman album.
.... take that, bourgeois scum. You'll never take me alive, coppah!!!! ........

posted by dubversion at 7:41 pm

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