Friday, September 24, 2004


after a decent run at Brixton's Ritzy Cinema (marred by some management dicking about at the last one) the Urban75 OFFLINE night is shifting to the Dog Star in Brixton's salubrious Coldharbour Lane...

not sure what i'll be playing yet - it's not really a roots rock reggae crowd so i reckon i may play some ska and some of the funkier end of Studio One. And just hope the Soul Jazz posse don't sue

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oh, and i've got shocking bloody tonsilitis (very run down apparently) so that's scuppered the end of my week off. And what a night I was due tonight - the opening of the Splendid artshop on Commercial Street, another Private View in Shoreditch, some beers in the Foundry, Club Clor at the Windmill and a bizarre gabba/porn night hosted by Headfuk and Hecate. and instead i'll just be lying in bed feeling sorry for myself.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2004


it's been a mad few days, but i do feel a splurge of blogging coming on. Till then, some music.

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Monday, September 13, 2004


Jim Evergreendaze nails the special charm of a December All Tomorrow's Parties:

"All Tomorrow's Parties are introducing a new date to the UK festival calendar with the intriguingly titled 'The Nightmare Before Christmas'." from the wire bulletin boardfreezing to death in a 1970's holiday chalet at camber sands in early December so you can see Throbbing Gristle and The Fall at an event curated by the 'notorious' chapman bros could be seen as the biggest jokes on you of all time but perversly it could be really good, if there were hardly any people there, imagine Gristle playing in some deserted bingo hall in a holiday camp out of season, with the rain lashing down outside and some guy from Mego, lurking in the arcade with a laptop playing the sound of formula one racing cars in reverse, surly peasants from local blight holes slap plastic cupped beer on the bar spilling half your pint, in area two, Mark E Smith puts his latest batch of garage mechanics through their paces, ooh, quick I've one fifty pee on the penny falls.........might be alright, I might just spend the £120 on brew and whizz and get a National Express to the most remote bus stop I can find in North Essex and listen to Fall bootlegs on my cassette walkman. "

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i'm going to keep banging the drum for Stuart Maconie's 6Music show Freakzone.. it plays some utter filth a lot of the time, but the hit rate of excellent - or at least interesting - music is much higher than any equivalent show I can think of, and they have some half decent guests who tell you things like the first (and only?) United States Of America album was mixed to be heard on James Coburn's big speakers!

Here's this week's playlist - like i say, some horrors on there but also som new treats and some fascinating old stuff i probably would never have heard otherwise..


Sun Dragon - Blueberry Blue

Split Enz – Walking Down A Road

NickCave & The Bad Seeds – Nature Boy
Amon Duul II – Mozambique
Izabo – My Morning Hero (Hub Session track)

The United States Of America – Mouse
The United States Of America – Coming Down
The United States Of America – You Can Never Come Down

Team LG – Slithery Foot
Team LG - Not A Lot Of Nice Days
International Noise Conspiracy – Bigger Cages, Longer Chains
Lee Scratch Perry – BlackArk Come Again

Split Enz – Stranger Than Fiction

Lambchop – The Lone Official
Nick Drake – Bryter Layter
Izabo – I’m On You (Hub Session track)
John Cale – Gatroville & Points East

Barry Booth – He’s Very Good With His Hands
Second Hand – Hanging On An Eyelid
The Lovers – La Degustation

Syd Dale – Theme to Screen Test
Devendra Banhart – Little Yellow Spider
Vishti Bunyun – RainbowRiver
Captain Beefheart – Observatory Crest
Spring Heel Jack – Take 1
Izabo – Cook Me (Hub Session track)
PJ Harvy - Shame
Steve Reich – Electric Counterpoint
Squarepusher – Gong Acid

The Jimmy Hendrix Experience – Day Tripper
Emerson, Lake & Palmer – The Pirates

Polysics – New Wave Jacket

Split Enz – Titus

The Strawbs – Round & Round
Gavin Bryars – Coda

you can get it on Radio On Demand on the BBC website (I always do) but it's moving to an earlier slot on Sundays soon as well...

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Chairman Of The Beard...

when i saw what Woebot was up to with his beard/blog adventure, i got the fear.. would i warrant a Wilf Lunn or merely a Jeremy Beadle? as it is, my designated beard is dreader than dread and that's good enough for me...
meanwhile, Beyond The Implode keeps raising the bar for erudite obscenities and that's even better.
not a great deal of blogging here of late, things are still just the wrong side of unremittingly grim , with the odd splash of sunshine like this weekend, so instead i've been keeping busy. it's my birthday next week and my schedule is shaping up like this:
Thursday - DJing for the Jeffrey Lewis gig at Brixton Windmill
Friday - The Broken Family Band at Brixton Windmill
Saturday - daytime: the Joe Strummer exhibition. evening: open to offers.
Sunday - Solution Sound System in Shoreditch in the daytime, hopefully Joanna Newsom and Smog on Sunday night (if the blag comes off!)
Monday - birthday drinking in Brixton's lovely Prince Albert. and then hopefully somewhere else, although Monday isn't ideal.
Tuesday - off to Bournemouth and Salisbury for a few days to get the fuck out of the city for a while.
Saturday - it's People's Republic Of Disco again.

which is going to be weird because of losing who we're losing.. but the show must, apparently, go on...
other highlights - i'm going to have to skip the Le Tigre gig because of break-up complications, but I've landed a slot DJing for Holly Golightly on the same night which is a reasonable swap...
Then the coming months see Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, McLuskey and TWO Shellac gigs at the Scala (one of which sees the fucking Minutemen supporting which i can scarcely believe!!!)
and then, to cap it all, myself and some other friends who'd been having a rough time of it lately have decided to cheer ourselves up with a few days in Benidorm (in late November) at The Wild Weekend. It's probably going to be rubbish, but I suspect it will be enjoyable rubbish.. The Actionettes are dancing, Club Montepulciano are hosting the Groovy Groove Lounge, the Monks are playing (yes - THOSE Monks) and it gives me an excuse to buy some new shirts!
till then, The Pounding System is listening to The Go! Team and The Bug, reading Douglas Coupland's new Eleanor Rigby and wishing the days away till things aren't quite so painful.

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Tuesday, September 07, 2004


We live in a world beset on all sides by nostalgia for an age that never existed - School Disco, Car Wash, Northern Soul Weekenders, Paul Weller concerts - and i've been thinking that we need a sharp burst of harsh brutal reality to counterbalance the charity shop 70s dressing up games and alcopop school uniform wearing...

so, people, hypothetically, how interested would anyone be in a proper Old School Arsequake/Noise Night..

if i could sort a venue and a couple more djs, i reckon the playlist would be a selection from the mid to late 80s and basically take in

Butthole Surfers,
Meat Beat Manifesto
Jesus Lizard
Terminal Cheesecake
God Machine
Revolting Cocks
Happy Flowers
My Bloody Valentine
God Bullies
Big Black
Sonic Youth
Dinosaur Jr
Bastard Kestrel
The Young Gods

etc etc etc...

i can't imagine we'd need a very big venue and i doubt it would be a massive commercial success spinning off into a monthly residency in a West End superclub, but as a one-off wouldn't it be great?

or not?

since my comments don't seem to work, people know other ways of getting in touch.. i'd be really into this....

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Saturday, September 04, 2004


in this, the most awful of weeks, you find someone who's just so far over there.... that it's all OK again.. a truly mental harpist and force of nature.. dave eggars piece about her in the Guardian - for which i'm too drunk to find a link - is about the best piece of music writing ever. or at least since Lester Bangs on Astral Weeks.. it's the love that loves to love the loves that loves to love the love that loves to love the love........
help me

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Friday, September 03, 2004


vernon kaye..... jilly cooper... andi mcdowell.... american beauty.... circus skills.... terry pratchett fans in wacky hats and long overcoats attempting a studious version of eccentric... newsreaders trying to maintain journalistic neutrality whilst simultaneously trying to express disapproval by their tone of voice.... bono.... june sarpong.... professional cockneys.. professional scousers... stoners who give you that look which suggests that they understand things so much better than you because they're permanently out of their gourd... actually, just stoners in general.... did i mention bono?... those little elf ears people have started wearing at festivals.... girls wearing their boyfriends outsized rugby shirts in clapham bars.... girls in clapham bars.. clapham bars... clapham.... evil supermarket food hybrids (Birds Eye Chicken Tikka Lasagne, i'm looking at you).... barbara ellen... bono....
these are a few of my favourite things....

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