Monday, September 13, 2004


Jim Evergreendaze nails the special charm of a December All Tomorrow's Parties:

"All Tomorrow's Parties are introducing a new date to the UK festival calendar with the intriguingly titled 'The Nightmare Before Christmas'." from the wire bulletin boardfreezing to death in a 1970's holiday chalet at camber sands in early December so you can see Throbbing Gristle and The Fall at an event curated by the 'notorious' chapman bros could be seen as the biggest jokes on you of all time but perversly it could be really good, if there were hardly any people there, imagine Gristle playing in some deserted bingo hall in a holiday camp out of season, with the rain lashing down outside and some guy from Mego, lurking in the arcade with a laptop playing the sound of formula one racing cars in reverse, surly peasants from local blight holes slap plastic cupped beer on the bar spilling half your pint, in area two, Mark E Smith puts his latest batch of garage mechanics through their paces, ooh, quick I've one fifty pee on the penny falls.........might be alright, I might just spend the £120 on brew and whizz and get a National Express to the most remote bus stop I can find in North Essex and listen to Fall bootlegs on my cassette walkman. "

posted by dubversion at 9:03 pm

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