Tuesday, September 07, 2004


We live in a world beset on all sides by nostalgia for an age that never existed - School Disco, Car Wash, Northern Soul Weekenders, Paul Weller concerts - and i've been thinking that we need a sharp burst of harsh brutal reality to counterbalance the charity shop 70s dressing up games and alcopop school uniform wearing...

so, people, hypothetically, how interested would anyone be in a proper Old School Arsequake/Noise Night..

if i could sort a venue and a couple more djs, i reckon the playlist would be a selection from the mid to late 80s and basically take in

Butthole Surfers,
Meat Beat Manifesto
Jesus Lizard
Terminal Cheesecake
God Machine
Revolting Cocks
Happy Flowers
My Bloody Valentine
God Bullies
Big Black
Sonic Youth
Dinosaur Jr
Bastard Kestrel
The Young Gods

etc etc etc...

i can't imagine we'd need a very big venue and i doubt it would be a massive commercial success spinning off into a monthly residency in a West End superclub, but as a one-off wouldn't it be great?

or not?

since my comments don't seem to work, people know other ways of getting in touch.. i'd be really into this....

posted by dubversion at 1:05 pm

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