Monday, September 13, 2004

Chairman Of The Beard...

when i saw what Woebot was up to with his beard/blog adventure, i got the fear.. would i warrant a Wilf Lunn or merely a Jeremy Beadle? as it is, my designated beard is dreader than dread and that's good enough for me...
meanwhile, Beyond The Implode keeps raising the bar for erudite obscenities and that's even better.
not a great deal of blogging here of late, things are still just the wrong side of unremittingly grim , with the odd splash of sunshine like this weekend, so instead i've been keeping busy. it's my birthday next week and my schedule is shaping up like this:
Thursday - DJing for the Jeffrey Lewis gig at Brixton Windmill
Friday - The Broken Family Band at Brixton Windmill
Saturday - daytime: the Joe Strummer exhibition. evening: open to offers.
Sunday - Solution Sound System in Shoreditch in the daytime, hopefully Joanna Newsom and Smog on Sunday night (if the blag comes off!)
Monday - birthday drinking in Brixton's lovely Prince Albert. and then hopefully somewhere else, although Monday isn't ideal.
Tuesday - off to Bournemouth and Salisbury for a few days to get the fuck out of the city for a while.
Saturday - it's People's Republic Of Disco again.

which is going to be weird because of losing who we're losing.. but the show must, apparently, go on...
other highlights - i'm going to have to skip the Le Tigre gig because of break-up complications, but I've landed a slot DJing for Holly Golightly on the same night which is a reasonable swap...
Then the coming months see Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, McLuskey and TWO Shellac gigs at the Scala (one of which sees the fucking Minutemen supporting which i can scarcely believe!!!)
and then, to cap it all, myself and some other friends who'd been having a rough time of it lately have decided to cheer ourselves up with a few days in Benidorm (in late November) at The Wild Weekend. It's probably going to be rubbish, but I suspect it will be enjoyable rubbish.. The Actionettes are dancing, Club Montepulciano are hosting the Groovy Groove Lounge, the Monks are playing (yes - THOSE Monks) and it gives me an excuse to buy some new shirts!
till then, The Pounding System is listening to The Go! Team and The Bug, reading Douglas Coupland's new Eleanor Rigby and wishing the days away till things aren't quite so painful.

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