Monday, October 18, 2004

PROD vs Beyond The ESF

and then my mammoth weekend continued with a People's Republic of Disco at Beyond The ESF at Middlesex University.. we were the closing party providers at the Hendrix Bar!

it started badly - no CD decks, no bar (the police had intervened) and no audience.. we really thought it was going to be a depressing debacle.. just a bunch of pissed off euro-crusties looking dour (there had been some unpleasant shit on the action earlier in the day, so this was understandable).. yet slowly but surely (largely thanks, believe it or not, to Mary J Blige) the crowd got bigger and the dancing got madder and i think we pulled it off. people seemed to get the idea, and loosen up, and just have fun.

there's something satisfying in watching a dancefloor of - what, 10 nationalities? - go batshit for Martha Reeves & The Vandellas....

in the end both shitey CD players just jammed so we couldn't play everyone's choices, which really upset the girl who'd brought the CD of Balkan folk dance tunes ("zis is not a democracy, it iz a diktatorship") and the guy who wanted 2 tracks off the Mob album, but on the whole it was a laugh...

thanks to the organisers, respect to the poor sods who spent the night in the cells .. thanks for having us...

and remember, folks - PROD is fairly adaptable and we do like doing benefits so let us know

i'll leave you with the sign some disgruntled student had stuck on the toilet doors:

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