Monday, November 15, 2004


so i'm some hellish limbo and i'm going slowly insane..
being entirely persona non grata - no bank account, no credit facility etc etc etc - finding places to live is never easy. especially when my friend/bastard landlord really needs me out quickly.. after much prevarication and confusion, i'm moving directly across the road, i can literally see my new bedroom from my current bedroom. my postcode is changing one letter, my phone number barely 2 digits. and i'm moving in with lovely people - Hacker and Annie of Morten Valence (formerly Florida)..
but.. oh buggery bollocks..
i'm going to the Wild Weekend in Benidorm on Thursday and I have to get out in the next couple of days so my current flat can be redecorated and sold.. and now the guy who has my new room is stuck because his new place has fallen through.
so i've sat here surrounded by boxes, i think i've packed my passport in with my 7th box of reggae 7"s and i think i want to cry..
anyway, the upshot is offline for a while except at work, which is tricky at the moment...
and i need a drink..

posted by dubversion at 10:46 pm

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