Thursday, December 30, 2004

Room To Liv....

my Norwegian friend Liv told me late this year she'd started a blog.. when i took a first look, there were only a couple of posts - good ones, nonetheless..

today she let me know she'd added her rundown of the best records of 2004 (and what an excellent list it was.. ) so I took a look, and fuck me if she hasn't been blogging like a bastard - there's reams of it, and a cursory glance suggests that we have a new shining star in the blogging firmanent.

Excellent stuff... I'm always in awe of how she seems to know more about British culture than I do. From Norway. Go figure.....

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So if you never hear from me again, here's why:
On New Year's Eve the People's Republic Of Disco is hosting its first New Years Eve Party at the Windmill (as ever...). We're going to run it from about 8pm till 4am unless the landlord's attempts to squeeze 250 people into a 100-capacity venue doesn't result in death, injury or a riot in the meantime..
Once THAT'S over, our hero (me, you doofus) will be heading - sober and steady without a doubt - down to Bar Lorca for the Unsound NYE Party to attempt to play an hour or so's jump up reggae to a room full of mashed up junglists. This finishes at 10am.
THEN - and Lord alone knows how i got talked into this - on the evening of New Year's Day, it's BACK to the Windmill for the pertinently named Too Late To Stop Now, the club i'm hosting with Ian Watson of How Does It Feel To Be Loved. A club that came into being about 10 minutes ago when the Windmill realised they had nothing booked for January 1st. This will doubtless run from 8pm till 1 or 2am. Should be good - just lots of vintage dancefloor stuff of the sort I don't often get to play out (i've been dusting off my copy of Rex Garvin's version of Peanut Duck especially)...
Since it's a safe bet that I won't get any sleeping done between Unsound and the latter, and since i'll have been at work on the day of New Year's Eve itself, this means I'll be up for about 44 hours, of which something like 16 hours or so will be spent either actually DJ-ing or engaged in some other club-running activity... Now I'm not looking for any medals, but for an old'un like myself I think that's pretty fucking impressive. Or scary. Or just dumb...
See you on the other side, folks, and Happy New Year...

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Look Upon His Works Ye Mighty, And Despair!

far be it from me to try and belittle the wealth of wonderful and inspiring blogging going on out there, but to be honest every time i read Beyond The Implode it does make me wonder if the rest of us should just give up and go home...

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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Unsound Style

for those who care about such things, here's what i played on saturday - the first set before Eden took over, and the short latter set just after...

First Set
Lloyd & Devon – Rush Rush
Michael Campbell – Wicked Ones
Lloyd Parks – Mafia
Israel Vibration – I’ll Go Through
Culture – Stop The Fussing And Fighting
Rhythm & Sound – Jah Rule
Uptight Sound System – Righteous Dub (never get tired of this, lush and driving)
Waireeka Hill Sound – One People (gorgeous new 12” from Honest Jon’s of brass-driven nyabinghi business)
Cornell Campbell – Be Thankful Remix
I Roy – Monkey Fashion (mental, fx-laden rerub of The Royal’s Pick Up The Pieces)
Carlene Davis & Trinity – Santa Claus (Why Don’t You Come To The Ghetto?) (the ‘best’ track from a truly shonky 1981 album, Yard Style Christmas)
Tanya Stephens – Can’t Breathe
Lone Ranger – Style & Fashion (which I planned to follow up in lateral style with the Jah Batta & Skatee tune of the same name but I left it at home)
King Kong – Rumble Jumble Life (excellent tune from an underrated DJ)
Horace Andy – Cuss Cuss (not sure about the provenance of this one, but certainly sound like a fairly recent cut)
Yellowman – Zungguzungguguzungguzeng (or whatever the fuck it is – which leads nicely into… )
Michigan & Smiley – Diseases
The Rootsman – We Come Rough
Mungo Hi FI feat Brother Culture – Ing
Butch Cassidy Sound System – Rudi….
DJ Rupture w/Tanya Stephens – Little More Oil (fresh off this month’s Wiretapper CD and a storming tune)

Set Two

Nightmares on Wax – 70s/80s (w Roots Manuva)
Rodney P – Nice Up (excellent reggae cut on his brit hop gem)
Dead Prez – Real Black Woman
Foxy Brown feat Spragga Benz – Oh Yeah! (a surefire number one in any sensible parallel universe)
MIA – Galang
Sunship Feat Warrior Queen – Almighty Father
The Bug/Grafiti – What Is The Problem?
Two Culture Clash – Nah Nah Nah!

Eden sums up his evening here - it did indeed get messy later - i left at well past 6am with a sore head and a guilty conscience (only to then have to do it all over again at the Windmill later that same evening.. )

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mighty sounds from a man like Eden!

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Friday, December 10, 2004


Christ… moving house is a bitch.. having forced myself into another 12 x 12 room with enough crap to stock a fairly hefty 2nd hand shop at the less salubrious end of Portobello Road, I’ve realised that I need to adopt a much more Zen approach to my hoarding. So far, it seems to have amounted to selling a bunch of REALLY dodgy early to mid-90s ethno-electronic crap that I don’t even remember buying/blagging (Banco Da Gaia? Where the fuck did THAT come from?) and the fear is that the several hundred quid I’m likely to make out of this particular cull is all going to get blown in Sounds Of The Universe Records anyway…

So, have you missed me? Here are some things that have pleased or bothered me of late, just to keep you all ‘in the loop’…

Of all the people I expected not to be a sell-out motherfucker, top flight heretic Philip Pullman was up there, but he’s apparently happy for some Hollywood fuckwit to expunge any of the deicide elements of His Dark Materials for the movie. So that’s nice…

I managed to catch two of the four Shellac shows at the Scala and although I know I’ve said this before, they CLEARLY are the greatest live spectacle in the world.. turning on a sixpence from incredibly well-crafted bile to daft audience baiting humour is a neat trick, and new track (let’s call it End Of Radio) is shaping up to be the best thing they’ve ever recorded… if I have a problem with Albini (aside from his terrifying resemblance to Sylvester McCoy) it’s his inability to see that his admirably puritan stance is only really sustainable because his income doesn’t derive from Shellac but from his studio. It’s all very well for him to castigate struggling bands for sucking corporate cock and - having seen the maths - he’s right. But it’s less easy to make those kinds of hard decisions when you’re sitting on some music you really want the world to hear (and you can’t pay your rent)…

Nothing to add to the Peel stuff really. Yadda Yadda changed my life, yadda yadda half my record collection, yadda yadda Zane fucking Lowe. Of the myriad Peel tributes I heard at gigs, Shellac’s was the most perfunctory (but also perhaps the most unexpected); Low’s was the most moving and considered and fumbling, and The Flaming Stars’ was the most inspiring. So now you know..

Since everyone has a Peel anecdote, I might as well trundle mine out: a beautiful Thursday evening at Glastonbury in the early 90s, sat on the tailgate of a Radio 1 outside broadcast truck backstage watching the Rockingbirds do a live set for the Mark Radcliffe show. Peel and I shared a few words and some rancid red wine as a man dressed as a fluoro-Snoopy appeared unannounced and started terrorising the band mid-song. Snoopy was eventually revealed as a totally wankered Julian Cope, which certainly flustered Radcliffe and made me and Peel grin a lot. Erm.. that’s it..

Despite all the other chaos in my life, I made it to the Wild Weekend in Benidorm, a 4 day Frat Shack/Club Montepulciano/leopard skin and garage rock bender of biblical proportions. I never thought I’d say this but it was more fun than Glastonbury. 21 hours a day of stupid costumes, insane drinking and Japanese garage bands covering ‘Have Love Will Travel’. At one point, outside The Sunset Bar in the grimmest part of Benidorm, it seemed like the implausible quiffs and pointy boots contingent actually outnumbered the usual Brits heading off for their pie’n’chips at the Pride Of The North Café, where there’s always a warm Wakefield welcome from Dave and Kath.

You haven’t lived until you’ve seen an East End former boxer turned Frank Sinatra impersonator covering Come Fly With Me whilst holding a man dressed as a monkey in a headlock (said monkey previously attempted to remove the ersatz Frank’s trousers halfway through ‘All The Way’). Or dragged a friend – dressed, of course, as a nun, out of a cab by her feet while she screamed badly conjugated Spanish obscenities at some Swiss punks who had committed the grave sin of erm.. calling ahead for a taxi. Men in Easter Island statue heads, dancing girls and Betty Page-esque strippers, a man dressed like a B-movie Satanist, Italian surf bands in propeller beanies, the reformed Monks trying to convince a dwindling crowd that they invented punk. Just an awesome, awesome weekend.

I started pissing myself laughing at Heathrow Airport on the Thursday morning and barely stopped till I got back to Heathrow Airport on Monday evening. And it doesn’t get better than that…

Next year, various rumours are that it’s a) cancelled, b) happening in Australia, c) happening on a proper South Pacific island or d) fuck knows. But if there’s any way I can make it, I’ll be there. In a grass skirt, probably.

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Keeping Busy

Seem to be turning down lots of DJ slots at the moment, which is pretty inexplicable because I CAN’T DO IT. This isn’t false modesty, because it’s not like I’ve ever tried to learn. There’s no shame in the ‘let one record finish and put another one on’ ethos, but I’m usually too pissed to even manage that. What’s WRONG with you people?

Having said that, on Saturday December 18th all roads lead to Unsound at Brixton’s Bar Lorca where – much in the manner of a Stone Love/Saxon soundclash in the 80s, a true clash of the titans will be going down between 9pm and midnight.

Will Dubversion’s impressive stack of e-guzzling squatbunny-friendly digidub stompers leave John Eden’s box of crackly JA 7”s biting his dust?

Erm. No. probably not.

But do come see – 9pm till very very late, with ska-punkers Inner Terrestrials taking over from the soundclash and then the usual mix of breaks, jungle and nonsense till the early hours. A fiver before midnight, 7 after…

Plus, on New Year’s Eve, the Windmill is hosting People’s Republic Of Disco’s first ever NYE special. Tickets almost gone (a handful left at http://www.wegottickets.com/) and it’s going to be a little bit stupid. But not as stupid as my plan to leave the Windmill at 4am or so and head down to Bar Lorca to close proceedings at the Unsound NYE bash.
Ambulance for Dubversion….

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Will Alexis Petridis be brought down by a shocking case of a slow, painful flesh eating disease?

Here's hoping.

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