Thursday, March 31, 2005


i don't know if the kid who amended the first review (under the pics) KNEW how funny they were being, or just going for a cheap sex gag, but it made me laugh a lot

(Kennington Tube, lunchtime today)
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Wednesday, March 30, 2005


took me hours to scale that billboard, and I ran out of marker pen four times.
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this gentleman's claim to need 'No Talc' whilst strutting his stuff in the Northern Soul room at last weekend's Beat Bespoke Weekender might have been more convincing had he managed not to slip on some spilt lager and end up on his arse mere seconds after these pics were taken.


Some more pics - of The Actionettes, Love with Arthur Lee and Annie, Vicky and myself - here

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Tuesday, March 29, 2005


i was giving a lot of thought to 'scenes' on Sunday night, stood as i was in a packed Holloway Rocket trying to decide whether I should stay in the 50s/60s R&B room, head for the Northern Soul hall or go down to the psych/garage freakbeat bar.

However, on the way home I managed to lose upwards of £280 somewhere on the Holloway Road, which was my rent and food and bill money for the coming weeks. (Long story). And since my bank simply refused to give me any credit even till I get paid, I'm now in a fucking bad mood and the last thing I care about is some fucking discourse on whether the scene mentality is a force for good or ill. So you'll have to fucking wait.

In the meantime, read a book or something.

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Friday, March 25, 2005


prompted by Eden's championing of the PHENOMENAL new Damian Marley tune 'Welcome To Jamrock' (and the man's right again, it's a stone classic and I'm on my way to Blacka Dread to pick up my copy later today), I started thinking about Ini Kamoze (the Marley track is built up from Kamoze's World-A-Music on his 1983 Island self-titled debut mini-album(i think?).

Anyway, I realised that this was the first reggae record I bought. Ever.

Must have been second hand, about 1984. I'd obviously heard bits of reggae - not just Bob, but some chart reggae and stuff. I know two good friends of mine - Jim & Gretel - had Big Youth's Dreadlocks Dread (I was astonished by the cover, mostly) and a Black Slate album. But - somewhere - I'd heard this Ini Kamoze release and it really hit me hard, without me actually having a clue what was going on. I've just dug it out for the first time in years (it's DEFINITELY getting played at Unsound tomorrow!) and read the credits - it's a classic Taxi production job, with - bizarrely i guess - full lyrics.

With hindsight, it's not a CLASSIC roots album - the 2nd side tails off a bit - but as a 16-year old Darzet boy, Trouble You A Trouble Me and World-A-Music especially just took my head off (I was just starting my fairly brief career as a stoner around then, I guess). Fuck knows if this is still available, but it should be. There's a great little piece of prose - part biog, part statement of intent, part lonely hearts ad - which somehow calls to mind the piece on the back of Van Morrison's Astral Weeks, though I'm buggered if I could explain why:

"INI KAMOZE (pronounced Ine Ka-mo-ze) born in Port Maria St. Mary 9th
October 1957... A disciplined Libran.. Raised in almost fourteen parishes but
mainly in St Elizabeth where he attended St. Elizabeth Technical High... Says he
started singing from the minute he was born (while other babies cry)... Visioned
Rastafari in 1976... Says it is man who creates God in their image and
likeness... Pencil slim, freed, singled, and disentangled, a six foot
vegetarian, believing that all food should be eaten live - (uncooked)... Writes
and arranges all his own music... Considers himself an (He)artist, not an
entertainer.. Writes plays and poetry and acts... Records on Mogho Naba, Taxi
and Island labels... Aims to shake up the earth with his music... Ini Kamoze
cools out in the hill around Spanish Town... Well, what else do you want to

"Now just be nice and hold your space

I won't entertain no more disgrace

Out in the street they call it murder

When rhythm spacing out your head"

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Wednesday, March 23, 2005


I never did much care for Dr Who. Always thought it was naff, really. The only thing that made ME hide behind the sofa was Ron Mael on Top Of The Pops...

but since there's so much excitement in the blogosphere and beyond, now might be the time to tell you the name of my GP, who's French:

Dr Roux.

Say it fast.

I could imagine geeks (Whoeys?) moving to Vauxhall just to get her as their GP too.

Don't bother - she's rubbish.

Dr Roux.

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"A schooner is a sailboat, stupid head."

You can't keep a good man down. Not even with elephant tranquilisers and really sturdy leather straps.

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i'm generally loathe to champion dumb email circulars, wacky websites and the like (which isn't to say I don't fritter away half my life on the things, just that I like to think I've got an image to uphold.. ) but I do have to recommend Pointless Waste Of Time .

It's not all quality - there's a lot of rubbish and a lot of US-oriented material I don't even get. But some of it is brilliant. Like the Monkeysphere article.

* Owen Paul**

** See, I know you too well.

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I thought I knew a fair bit about the whole Soul Jazz Records set-up, but it was a hell of a shock to find out - watching the Studio One Story DVD they put out - that one of the enfant terribles of the prestidigitation scene, Teller (the mute one, left) ploughed much of the profits he'd made from his trade-secret-revealing magic career into funding the label's start up. Apparently frustrated by the lack of good quality reissues, and clearly not sated by the output from Blood & Fire and Pressure Sounds et al, he got in contact with Coxsone Dodd and the people at Sounds Of The Universe and not only put up the cash, but acted as go-between between the two parties in the early days. Who'd have thought it?

Jesus, that was one FUCKING weird dream. So precise, and yet so mundane. Hmm...

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Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Is there anyone left to reform? Well, we've yet to see confirmation of the Husker Du comeback, but after Not Fat Bob and Grant Hart played together again last year, it can only be a matter of time.

Anyhow, I've booked my tickets for the Dinosaur Jr show at The Forum on June 8th. Despite the fact that I'm supposed to be at the Unsound seaside shindig in Italy by then.. But I'm NOT fucking missing this.

Sure, Mascis is a whining self-absorbed dick. And sure, Barlow's not better. But together - like Ebony & Ivory, or Peters & Lee - it's pure gold.

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Sunday, March 20, 2005

FILM 2005

I go through phases with the movies - I always really want to go every week and rarely manage it. But this year I seem to have excelled myself, and have seen pretty much everything I've liked the look of.. so in brief:

Gegen Die Wand (Head On) 9/10

brilliant. Fucked up sex'n'drugs'n'goth'n'suicide plus added cultural dissonance and a real heart. It's a culture clash movie - this time, German and Turkish - but done with real style, insight and power. Brilliant leads and the best use of Sisters Of Mercy in a movie.. erm.. ever, probably.

Napoleon Dynamite 8/10

Very disappointing at first, till you realise that nothing is going to happen and there are no actual jokes. Then it gets under your skin. By the end you want to watch it all over again.

Closer 1/10

Dreadful dreadful shit. Not even sure why we went. Horribly stagey, which if you're as theatre-phobic as me is just the worst. Clive Owen does well, Natalie Portman does her best with a 2-D character, Julia Roberts isn't even there and Jude Law needs to be shot in the face over and over again until we're sure he'll NEVER make another film. Even if it's not too bad, like....

I Heart Huckabees 5/10

Not very good - desperately wants to be Being John Malkovich or Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind (which made me weep like a child again last week). But at least it wants to be something worthwhile, even if it never stood a chance. Worth seeing for the scenes of Lily Tomlin attempting to do a silent movie 'creep' from one tree to another.

The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou 8/10

My first Wes Anderson movie, for my sins. Took a while to settle in, but was eventually a brilliant and utterly original film. All jerky editing, bizarre compositions, awkward performances. And yet somehow by the end, despite all the weirdness and contrivance, you really CARE about Murray's mission.

Saw -1,000,000/10

The worst film ever made. Seriously. Just unacceptable. Any horror movie buff who tries to convince you otherwise is a fucking halfwit.

Nashville 8/10

Saw it as part of the NFT's recent maverick American cinema season, the snappy title of which escapes me, so I feel I can include it here. Very good indeed - if you've seen any early Altman movies, you'll know about the revolutionary 'everyone talking at once' sound design, the carefully crafted chaos. Some great performances - Lily Tomlin again - and a truly stunning final scene.

Sideways 9/10

Absolutely phenomenal. I've lost track of where on the critical curve this is at the moment - I think it's past the word of mouth sleeper hit phase and into the backlash stage, or maybe it has already been reclaimed. Couldn't give a fuck, frankly.. a film that's generally gentle and melancholy tone makes the belly laugh moments even more wonderful. All this and Virginia Madsen too.

In Good Company 2/10

Where my Scarlett Johansson phase ran aground. Bollocks on a stick.

I've doubtless forgotten others. The fact that I've forgotten them says it all.

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Had some good feedback to the Unsound piece and I'm thinking of turning it into something a little more substantial, so watch this space.
In the meantime, the lovely Moon put together some footage of Unsound in its Arches days as a teaser 'ad' for the Bar Lorca relaunch. It's here - and I'd recommend downloading rather than streaming it. Brilliantly captures the atmosphere of the arch at its maddest, with Ishu and the mighty Deadlock ripping it up and the crowd as wonderfully up for it and slightly demented as ever.
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it fair warms my heart to realise that The Broken Family Band have finally made the near-perfect album they've been threatening for a couple of years..
From Brixton Windmill favourites to serious contenders for album of the year. More wit, bitterness, heartache and dark dark humour.
It's a fucking classic, I tell you.

Added to which, you really should join their mailing list. Just for the hell of it, for this sort of thing:

Finally, Adams and Roman will be performing naked for the first time, at The
Junction, Clifton Road, Cambridge on Tuesday 22nd March at 7pm, supporting Aisle
16, a poetry thing.

Its free to watch us, and if you're into satirical poetry you could then buy
tickets for the performance afterwards.

Or come and do some acid with us down the slaughterhouse.

We miss you, and we're sorry,

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oh dear.. it would appear that demand for the Eden/Meme Lyric Maker mix (as mentioned below) has - like Cabbage Patch Dolls, Buzz Lightyear figures and Sunny D apocalyptic fruit jism - completely outstripped supply.

Entire servers have frazzled, switchboards collapsed, ISPs driven to bankruptcy. All because you crazy kids were mad for their skills.

I'm sure our heroes are at this very moment up a pole or down a manhole feverishly soldering one bit onto another.. erm.. bit, in a selfless bid to restore a little dancehall sweetness to our lives..

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Thursday, March 17, 2005


Dear Ms Stefani

You're right - a vaguely dancehall-styled cover of top Topol tune 'If I Was A Rich Man', refashioned for a material girl, is a very good idea.

That's why Lady Saw did it first. Years ago. With style, panache and cojones.

You are a waste of skin.

Thank you and goodnight.

A concerned music fan.
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BBC Radio Lamarr

fuck it, give the 50s throwback his own BBC station.

ignore for a minute his TV/comedy career. for my money, in Peel's absence, he's the finest radio DJ we have.

currently we can catch his Thursday R&B/rock n roll show. or his Saturday evening 'Alternative 60s' show - a priceless hour of the best 60s stuff you don't hear elsewhere (garage, soul, freakbeat, northern soul etc). and he's recently been doing an Introduction To Rap show on Saturday nights too.

all this in addition to his Beginner's Guide To Reggae series. and his stand-in stints for Ross, which always surpass the show he's replacing.

i mean, come on, he's got it going on. he's a walking encyclopedia of this stuff, they're all his own records (he owns fucking thousands) and he never plays a duff track IMO (who'd have pegged him for a MASSIVE hip hop fan?)

just brilliant.

and no. i don't fancy him.

(lifted from Urban75 where i first ranted about this)

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if you haven't already downloaded this - perhaps you've been on holiday, or perhaps you're just WRONG!!! - then i must encourage you to do so. Messrs Uncarved and Grievous present a truly breathtaking mix of 80s digital reggae from JA and UK... I shan't flatter either gentleman further, so I'll leave you to discover its delights for yourself. Mr Grievous has been kind enough to offer a little commentary also

If you're bored tonight and trying to avoid anything TOO Plastic Paddy, I shall be playing at the Windmill, in my DJ Blues Eyes Crying In The Rain capacity, offering maudlin Americana and country between bands (who include the Rosinators, Brixton's own Cajun/Bluegrass/Gospel outfit). Then I'll put the Hank to one side and make with the funky stuff - some old Northern and Stax, perhaps a little funk and back to the 3 Louis if i think I can get away with it..

Might try some stuff from my latest purchase too:

which has such gems as Huey Piano Smith's Don't You Just Know It, a track so fine it makes up for the frankly disguting cover art for this CD. I wonder if Lamarr shudders when he remembers it.... more about Lamarr shortly, actually...

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Tuesday, March 15, 2005


probably a little futile putting a lot of work into this blog since I've now bought the domain and webspace for The Pounding System as a proper site (hopefully to host mp3s and suchlike) but...

due to the wonders of Mr Fridgemagnet, blogger, Urban 75 moderator and friend to the terminally stupid, and to the nice folks at Haloscan , the comments should now work on this site.

also, down there on the left somewhere is a link for the new Urban75 blogring. It's once again all FM's work. However, there are twunts on Urban 75 as anywhere, so don't blame me if you end up at some nasty little blog written by a deranged loner with personal hygiene issues..
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email me if you reckon you'd buy one..

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I must have gone to my first Unsound - back in the days of the arches behind the Ministry - about 3 years ago now. I fetched up there on the way back from a country gig at the 12 Bar because I'd heard a lot of the Urban 75 crowd talking about it. Somehow - because of my current partner, I guess, and a conscious attempt to cut down on my drug intake - I'd got out of the habit of going to free parties, but this sounded a little different.

And it was.

That first time I didn't stop long, but it was long enough to see that Unsound pulled a really cool crowd, had an atmosphere that was unparalleled for friendliness and trustworthiness, and was an all-round bloody good thing.. It was also long enough to reacquaint myself with the main couple behind it all, who I'd lost touch with in the fallout from the end of the Dubhammer Sound System, an ill-fated reggae crew I set up and ran with a pair of friends who soon revealed themselves as devious and avaricious..

So before long, I was back in the arches, this time with a bag of records and a bag of chemicals, and it became - after People's Republic Of Disco - my favourite night (and usually morning/afternoon) out.

None of the hassle that I increasingly associated with the free party scene: the drooling kethead zombies, the jackings, the incessant joyless techno; but with all of the plus points - the freedom, the sense of community, great music, good friends. Enough of a door presence to keep out the crackheads and hoodrats but not enough to make it too sanitised and restrictive...

I became - I suppose - the resident warm-up DJ, playing post-pub roots rock reggae to people as they arrived and waited for the pills to kick in. Later, if I could still stand and people were up for it, I'd send them off with some dub in the morning too... but it was all about Deadlock, who singlehandedly revived my love of jungle; and Offshore, long-time Brixton face and king of the jumblists; and Hue Jah Fink (ne Richie Fingaz), king of the splatter break..

It was, I guess, far too good to last: the cops showed up more and more regularly, and although we were never shut down it was getting dodgy. Then the landlords stepped in..

The long period without Unsound was a frustrating one - I went to a few free parties in the months between, and although perhaps not as messy as they had been, I still found them fairly bleak affairs for the most part.

I've probably said this before, but in my head I carry this hypothetical Channel 4 film crew, and I like to juxtapose what they might have seen bursting into a warehouse in Acton in the mid-90s: hundreds of up for it people jumping around to hard but uplifting music, feeling fairly secure - cops aside - and looking out with each other; with what they'd probably find now - especially at the bigger multi-riggers - the aforementioned ket kids, muggings and attacks just seen as inevitable, the most soulless and depressing generic techno... I guess it's not my world anymore anyway - I'm the wrong side of 35 - and people are always pointing out that there are still some great party crews: OCB, Tribe of Munt etc, who hold things down pretty well and keep the trouble to a minimum and take the kind of care - with the venue, with the music, with the punters - that to me used to be a given..

When the Unsound crew announced their comeback at Bar Lorca (now, unfortunately, "Jamm") and to a lot of us still The Old White Horse, on Brixton Road, I couldn't have been happier.

And it just gets better and better. There were some initial grumblings - as always with these things - about Unsound going legit. But the door tax hasn't changed, the quality is as good or better, the vibe is different but still marvellous. I still do a slot most months - perhaps the old warm-up or now out on the second rig in the bar - and the expanded venue (and stage) means that live acts have now become a feature. Although an early appearance by Headjam didn't really do it for me, otherwise it's all been spot on - Deadsilence Syndicate, Dub Dada, Inner Terrestrials and most recently The Bug, who ripped the place up

Now things are going really crazy - a 2-week festival in Southern Italy, a planned live night with all the bands that have appeared so far plus other bonuses - but the essential Unsound spirit is still in place.

And with warmer mornings approaching, perhaps you'll find me back on the strip of grass next door, playing roots and ska to the survivors on a diesel-powered minirig strapped to a wheelbarrow, while the Unsound crew confuse any curious cops with stories of pagan weddings...

I've got to the end of this no clearer about why I'm writing it than when I started. I guess it's simply that in the last 2-3 years most of my best times have happened here, and that's worth stating loud and clear..

Much love to the Unsound Crew! See you in two weeks

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jesus, shoot me now.

(i was pissed. it was snowing. what more justification do I need? actually, i enjoyed the set I played that night more than any I ever have. It was all the Louis' - Armstrong, Prima, Jordan - and lots of other jumpin' jive. And a small but select crowd loved it. Which made me grin and decide to devote my life to the stuff)

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Monday, March 14, 2005


i've yet to go to the Foundry and find any of the art on display as interesting as getting pissed and mucking around on the turntable thing in the basement.

Brian Sewell's got nothing on me, you know!!

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my new favourite thing..

BANG FACE is a monstrous rave in a tiny dank corridor. A ridiculous retro-oldskool-hardcore-junglist-acid-rave full of sweaty boys and girls losing the plot in a space the size of a train carriage. it fills my heart with joy and my ears with noise.

you need this in your life. except there's no room for anyone else so find your own fucking club.

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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Is This Thing On?.....

ok, ok... broadband now pumping through again, both volumes of the Complete Stax/Volt Singles Collection almost downloaded.

so i'm back....

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