Thursday, March 17, 2005

BBC Radio Lamarr

fuck it, give the 50s throwback his own BBC station.

ignore for a minute his TV/comedy career. for my money, in Peel's absence, he's the finest radio DJ we have.

currently we can catch his Thursday R&B/rock n roll show. or his Saturday evening 'Alternative 60s' show - a priceless hour of the best 60s stuff you don't hear elsewhere (garage, soul, freakbeat, northern soul etc). and he's recently been doing an Introduction To Rap show on Saturday nights too.

all this in addition to his Beginner's Guide To Reggae series. and his stand-in stints for Ross, which always surpass the show he's replacing.

i mean, come on, he's got it going on. he's a walking encyclopedia of this stuff, they're all his own records (he owns fucking thousands) and he never plays a duff track IMO (who'd have pegged him for a MASSIVE hip hop fan?)

just brilliant.

and no. i don't fancy him.

(lifted from Urban75 where i first ranted about this)

posted by dubversion at 2:25 pm

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