Tuesday, March 29, 2005


i was giving a lot of thought to 'scenes' on Sunday night, stood as i was in a packed Holloway Rocket trying to decide whether I should stay in the 50s/60s R&B room, head for the Northern Soul hall or go down to the psych/garage freakbeat bar.

However, on the way home I managed to lose upwards of £280 somewhere on the Holloway Road, which was my rent and food and bill money for the coming weeks. (Long story). And since my bank simply refused to give me any credit even till I get paid, I'm now in a fucking bad mood and the last thing I care about is some fucking discourse on whether the scene mentality is a force for good or ill. So you'll have to fucking wait.

In the meantime, read a book or something.

posted by dubversion at 2:41 pm

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