Sunday, March 20, 2005

FILM 2005

I go through phases with the movies - I always really want to go every week and rarely manage it. But this year I seem to have excelled myself, and have seen pretty much everything I've liked the look of.. so in brief:

Gegen Die Wand (Head On) 9/10

brilliant. Fucked up sex'n'drugs'n'goth'n'suicide plus added cultural dissonance and a real heart. It's a culture clash movie - this time, German and Turkish - but done with real style, insight and power. Brilliant leads and the best use of Sisters Of Mercy in a movie.. erm.. ever, probably.

Napoleon Dynamite 8/10

Very disappointing at first, till you realise that nothing is going to happen and there are no actual jokes. Then it gets under your skin. By the end you want to watch it all over again.

Closer 1/10

Dreadful dreadful shit. Not even sure why we went. Horribly stagey, which if you're as theatre-phobic as me is just the worst. Clive Owen does well, Natalie Portman does her best with a 2-D character, Julia Roberts isn't even there and Jude Law needs to be shot in the face over and over again until we're sure he'll NEVER make another film. Even if it's not too bad, like....

I Heart Huckabees 5/10

Not very good - desperately wants to be Being John Malkovich or Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind (which made me weep like a child again last week). But at least it wants to be something worthwhile, even if it never stood a chance. Worth seeing for the scenes of Lily Tomlin attempting to do a silent movie 'creep' from one tree to another.

The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou 8/10

My first Wes Anderson movie, for my sins. Took a while to settle in, but was eventually a brilliant and utterly original film. All jerky editing, bizarre compositions, awkward performances. And yet somehow by the end, despite all the weirdness and contrivance, you really CARE about Murray's mission.

Saw -1,000,000/10

The worst film ever made. Seriously. Just unacceptable. Any horror movie buff who tries to convince you otherwise is a fucking halfwit.

Nashville 8/10

Saw it as part of the NFT's recent maverick American cinema season, the snappy title of which escapes me, so I feel I can include it here. Very good indeed - if you've seen any early Altman movies, you'll know about the revolutionary 'everyone talking at once' sound design, the carefully crafted chaos. Some great performances - Lily Tomlin again - and a truly stunning final scene.

Sideways 9/10

Absolutely phenomenal. I've lost track of where on the critical curve this is at the moment - I think it's past the word of mouth sleeper hit phase and into the backlash stage, or maybe it has already been reclaimed. Couldn't give a fuck, frankly.. a film that's generally gentle and melancholy tone makes the belly laugh moments even more wonderful. All this and Virginia Madsen too.

In Good Company 2/10

Where my Scarlett Johansson phase ran aground. Bollocks on a stick.

I've doubtless forgotten others. The fact that I've forgotten them says it all.

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