Thursday, March 17, 2005


if you haven't already downloaded this - perhaps you've been on holiday, or perhaps you're just WRONG!!! - then i must encourage you to do so. Messrs Uncarved and Grievous present a truly breathtaking mix of 80s digital reggae from JA and UK... I shan't flatter either gentleman further, so I'll leave you to discover its delights for yourself. Mr Grievous has been kind enough to offer a little commentary also

If you're bored tonight and trying to avoid anything TOO Plastic Paddy, I shall be playing at the Windmill, in my DJ Blues Eyes Crying In The Rain capacity, offering maudlin Americana and country between bands (who include the Rosinators, Brixton's own Cajun/Bluegrass/Gospel outfit). Then I'll put the Hank to one side and make with the funky stuff - some old Northern and Stax, perhaps a little funk and back to the 3 Louis if i think I can get away with it..

Might try some stuff from my latest purchase too:

which has such gems as Huey Piano Smith's Don't You Just Know It, a track so fine it makes up for the frankly disguting cover art for this CD. I wonder if Lamarr shudders when he remembers it.... more about Lamarr shortly, actually...

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