Sunday, March 20, 2005


it fair warms my heart to realise that The Broken Family Band have finally made the near-perfect album they've been threatening for a couple of years..
From Brixton Windmill favourites to serious contenders for album of the year. More wit, bitterness, heartache and dark dark humour.
It's a fucking classic, I tell you.

Added to which, you really should join their mailing list. Just for the hell of it, for this sort of thing:

Finally, Adams and Roman will be performing naked for the first time, at The
Junction, Clifton Road, Cambridge on Tuesday 22nd March at 7pm, supporting Aisle
16, a poetry thing.

Its free to watch us, and if you're into satirical poetry you could then buy
tickets for the performance afterwards.

Or come and do some acid with us down the slaughterhouse.

We miss you, and we're sorry,

posted by dubversion at 10:33 pm

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