Friday, April 01, 2005


meant to blog this last week, excellent Nick Cohen piece about what a fucking disgrace ASBOs are.

Or the story of the 18-year-old who was ordered not to congregate with
three or more people. The order was meant to stop him hanging about on street
corners and joining a gang. He went to a youth club instead, where there were
more than three people and was duly arrested.
No other democratic country
imprisons people for carrying condoms or going to youth clubs because no other
democratic country has anything like Asbos. The police say they are necessary
because thugs like the Bridges terrify witnesses into silence. Sceptics believe
they are a bureaucratic short cut around the police's long-standing indifference
to minor crimes which don't get detective superintendents on Crimewatch.

Sunday March 27, 2005. The Observer

ASBOs also came in for a kicking on Outlaws, which for my money is the best domestic TV programme since Shameless. And it's a crying shame that not only did BBC2 bury it in a terrible slot, but they're not going to recommission it. The fucking dullards.
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