Wednesday, April 27, 2005


I finally gave in and ordered the above mp3 player last week - 20gb for about £160. I justified it with the forthcoming Unsound-On-Sea and Glastonbury trips... Anyway, the-supplier-who-shall-remain-nameless were supposed to deliver it to my work address last Friday. No show. So I arranged with my colleagues who were in work on Saturday to sign for it and keep it safe.

It didn't arrive on Saturday but on Monday i 'tracked' my order online and it had been signed for - in my name - and definitely wasn't in the building, so I assumed it had been stolen. I rang the courier company who said they'd check it out, and the vendor, who said they were terribly sorry to hear this and would send me another straight away. Which made my jaw drop, to be frank.

30 minutes later a guy from the courier company delivered the original and today the second one arrived!!!!!!

No scam there - I can clearly prove the order things happened in - but unless something goes horribly awry, I'm up one mp3 player! (My suspicion is that the original courier took Saturday morning off, filled out all the receipts himself and hoped he'd get round on Monday before anyone noticed there orders were missing).....

So that's nice. Trouble is, I've filled the first one already. So this is obviously going to involve some 'thinking about', an idea which fills me with revulsion. I also committed the sin of 'shuffle' this morning, something I promised myself wouldn't happen.

So far I've rediscovered the Vivadixiesubmarinetransmissionplot album by Sparklehorse - still a contender for the greatest record I've ever heard - and realised that although Bobbie Gentry's songs all sound the same, that's OK.

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