Wednesday, April 20, 2005


i'm ashamed to admit i'm actually getting quite nervous / stressed about the whole Glastonbury thing now. I mean, our tent is likely to be the default main attraction in that corner of the site every night, as stages close down and people stream out of the various dance tents looking for fun.

we've done a lot of weird PROD stuff, and i think we're all fairly good at keeping things together even if we're falling apart, but this is turning into a big production number (video screens, bespoke computer software, the works). I'm sure it'll be fine but it'll be a big ole empty tent if it goes wrong. It's enough to make you hope it rains so people look for the warmest dryest shelter they can, which is surely us!.

If you care about all this, we've knocked up a webpage here and we seem to be getting quite a lot of attention on various Glastonbury-related bulletin boards and the like..

One of the nightmares preparing the thousands of tunes for the PROD Jukebox is the whole question of what to include. Anything in the hip-hop, soul, reggae, funk, big beat end of things and i'm fine. But jungle is proving tricky - most of the best jungle i have is on vinyl, and most of the jungle CDs i have are all bloody mixed... ditto techno/dance stuff (plus i've been RIGHT out of the loop with proper techno since about 1998!).

Ah well, we'll manage....

posted by dubversion at 7:16 pm

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