Monday, April 11, 2005


i'm on an email list from a guy called Lance Hahn, mainman of the very excellent but far too prolific J Church, one of my favourite US punk bands, a band that somehow seem more English to me somehow - they're almost part of the Wat Tyler / Leatherface / Broccoli lineage. More thoughtful than some American hardcore, less purist than Fugazi and the like.

Anyway, Lance's emails are always interesting when they're not downright depressing (this is a man who lost his home, his studio and everything he owned as well as the masters for his entire label in a house fire; and this a year or so after he nearly died.... ). And in the latest one he has this to say:

In the midst of my madness, I did get back into writing my book. For
those of you who don't recall, I've been working on a book for the
past several years now documenting the British anarcho-punk bands of
the late `70s and `80s. That means I'm writing about everyone from
Crass to Thatcher on Acid. I've stopped kidding myself that I'm going
to get every band. There were just too many. But I'm at least covering all of the main points and Sean ex-Rugger Bugger/ex-Wat Tyler is sorting out the complete discographies for me. In the mean time, Maximum Rock N Roll has been running the chapters as articles. At the beginning of this year, I polished off Antisect, Dominant
Patri, Anarka and Poppy, Toxic Shock, The Apostles, Faction, Chimp Eats
Banana and Amebix. I'm currently sorting out Stalag 17, Disrupters, Lost
Cherrees and Chumbawamba. I'm still trying to track some folks down, so any
help would be greatly appreciated.

So i wondered if anyone out there - Eden, for example, and others - might want to help. You can email him at honeybearrecords AT hotmail DOT com.

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