Thursday, April 14, 2005


see that? that's what we've got at Glastonbury!!!!

after last year's mini-People's Republic Of Disco backstage at Glastonbury Festival, this year we've been moved in to the newly revamped Dance Area - the huge dance tent of old being replaced by a myriad of smaller and more eclectic tents (including, at last and thanks to my man DJ Badly, a Roots Tent. Sound system dub at Glastonbury. Finally!)

That beast above - all mirrored walls, banquette seating and chandeliers - will fall into PROD hands at 12.30am every night (after the stages shut down) and with the help of our brand new PROD Jukebox In A Shoebox (a database-driven interactive tune selection gizmo) we can provide tunes for the muddy masses who didn't bring anything.

This is going to be mighty!

However, since I'll be getting back from almost 3 weeks on an Italian beach helping run the Sunbound Unsound out there just the day before heading for Glastonbury, it's all going to be a little hectic.

posted by dubversion at 1:26 pm

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